Choosing The Perfect Divorce Lawyer

When you are faced with divorce, it is difficult to know where to turn. Legal ins or outs of this difficult process have only a few prior experiences. There are many stories of time and money wasted as clients go through from lawyer to lawyer to find the perfect one for their case. You need to find the perfect divorce lawyer so that you won’t have problems with time and money. It could be less expensive and faster compared to a long drawn-out, emotional and financial nightmare. But if you are trying to look for a perfect divorce lawyer and if you want to make sure that you’re investing all of your money, hopes and dreams for the right one, then continue reading this article.

Here are the seven steps to find the divorce attorney that is the right fit for you.

Be realistic- First, realize that divorce is a legal process with consequences like dissolving your assets and resolving custody issues. The job of your divorce attorney is to represent you with his best ability in the process. It is not their job to listen to your frustration, pain, and sadness. They don’t want to be your therapist or coach. Your attorney has higher rates and the clock is always running. If you are misusing your time, you are misusing your money too. Divorce attorneys have seen it all. With the scope of the legal process, what you think is important to you might barely register for them. Being realistic with your goal and the role of your divorce attorney is important. And know what you can expect from them.


Stay focused on the goal- To get a divorce is your ultimate goal in this process and hopefully, you can do it without any major downsizing of your lifestyle. When it comes to negotiating over material things that don’t mean too much, don’t let your emotions jump in and run rampant. Your divorce will be more litigious, longer and will definitely more expensive than otherwise. If you don’t want this to happen, keep focusing on getting a divorce as quickly and with little financial damage as possible.

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Identify at least three potential attorneys- All lawyers are not the same so don’t jump and immediately hire the first lawyer you meet. Before making your decision, find at least three attorneys and interview them before you make decisions. The ideal attorney helps you understand the process, has the legal knowledge and experience you need, solves problems creatively and communicates and negotiates well and is experienced in your specific court system. Your attorney needs to be experienced in the family law jurisdiction so that your attorney can advise you appropriately regardless of whether or not your divorce is headed to trial. Ask your friends about any recommendations. Even ask your trusted estate lawyer for divorce attorney recommendations. There are also numerous websites that provide client reviews of attorneys.


Know what you want- Consider other alternatives to traditional litigation before you rush out in hiring a divorce lawyer. You could hire a mediator to help you negotiate the terms of divorce if you aren’t completely entangled with children and finances. The cheapest and the fastest way to get divorced is mediation and you might not need to hire an attorney at all. But you have to hire a divorce lawyer if your negotiation is more complicated. Like hiring a divorce lawyer to negotiate a settlement with your spouse’s lawyer. There is also a collaborative divorce that you could consider. It focused on negotiation with the goal of preserving a co-parenting relationship. The litigated trial is your last resort. Neither side will compromise. You need to determine what type of attorney do you need based on your unique circumstances.


Look for red flags-There are many lawyers that will tell you what you want to hear just to close the deal. It is only business for them while this is your life. Don’t believe it if the attorney is making promises.  It is a sign that they won’t respect you if they are not respectful to the other attorneys that you are interviewing. And if they are constantly distracted by phone calls and e-mails and can’t focus their attention on you, they will likely won’t during your divorce case.
Interview and research potential attorneys- Ask them about their experience and specialization with family law starting off with an initial phone call. Ask about rates. Some lawyers charge hourly and require an advance fee. Don’t waste their time or your time if you can’t afford their fees. But some lawyers provide a free consultation. Divorce process also needs experts like parenting coordinators, financial experts, forensic appraisers,  and coach facilitators. It is much better if your lawyer has access to these resources.

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Make your choice- You should be comfortable with this attorney and it is someone you trust. He or she should be professional, local, knowledgeable, responsive and communicates well. This lawyer should recognize the importance of your children and the last thing he or she is going to do in the legal process is make unreasonable custody arrangements and child support demands. Divorce is an emotional and highly personal process that impacts your life. Follow these steps so that you will find the right lawyer for you. Someone who always listens to what you want and will advise you well.

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