Finding The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer That Will Suit You

Choosing the right criminal defense lawyer can be the hardest yet the most important. It is very crucial to find a respectable and reputable attorney whom you can trust. How do you know who to trust with your life and your case? It is very difficult to find the good one so we created some tips to consider when looking for the right lawyer.

Hiring a private lawyer.

If you have money to hire a private lawyer, how will you find the better one? Be open to referrals. If you have a friend who knows other lawyers, they may be able to recommend a defense lawyer and help you to find someone good. Ask your friends or neighbors if that attorney is knowledgeable and skilled enough to help you in your case. Private attorneys are everywhere. Just look for someone who can put in sufficient time to learn about your case.


Never avoid the public defender.

Public defenders are the most trained attorneys you can get. They are reserved for people who cannot afford private attorneys. They just have a limited time and resources to work on your case so maximize it. You can ask him directly for an honest assessment of your case because they probably tried more cases than private attorneys. Public defenders know and love what they do, it’s their passion. Meaning, they care about you and your case. If you cannot hire a private attorney, you can still choose the best public defender. The most important thing to know is the lawyer’s reputation in the community, their successful cases and how they’ve handled their case professionally.

Lawyer’s web services rating.

Be aware of web services like Avvo that rate lawyers. Their rating is not consistent and uneven and it doesn’t make sense. The web services ask lawyers to solicit reviews from clients and makes sure that those reviews are not fake. The web service has a 1 to 10 rating on what the attorney should pay. They also have this 100 best Lawyers of the year and it has an equivalent worth. The web services gave the award to lawyers who pay for such endorsement. So if you are a lawyer and you want to be on the 100 top lawyers you should pay for the endorsement first. Try to look for legal sites that can provide good quality lawyers.


Use the internet.

This method can really help you a lot. Everything now is online. But, you have to be careful because not every attorney who pops up first may be the best one. Sometimes, they are the ones who invested a lot of ads and use most of their money to be on search optimization. A better website may be the best trick. You can visit your local library to look at different resources. The best attorney should have a reputable and decent website that includes reviews from their past clients, import cases and accomplishments. The site may also have their best and easy-access contact information. Search on how long the attorney has been practicing criminal law, and how many trials they’ve handled. You can also use the State Bar website and search under Certified Criminal Law Specialist in your country. The internet can give you exactly what you want, yet you have to be meticulous and read all the information first.


Finding the right criminal lawyer can be confusing. Be cautious, do not be drawn by the flashy marketing strategies that assure lawyers’ success. Give time to each one of them, follow your heart. Communicate openly and establish a good line of communication. This might help you find the right one. Never listen to their promises, because that is not a guarantee for winning the case.

Cover Photo Credit: Land Parker & Welch, P.A