Things To Consider Before Hiring A Divorce Attorney

Divorce is never an easy task and it is draining both physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. This is why it is important that we hire the right attorney for the job.

Many people overlook the fact that choosing the right attorney for the job is vital for finalizing a divorce. Moving away from a long-term relationship that involves children, assets and sometimes, debts is crucial.

With that said, and with many family law attorneys out there, how would we know that we got the best in the business? Here are the things we need to look out for when hiring a divorce attorney.


Overall Experience

The first thing that we need to look for is experience. A seasoned veteran with various experiences in divorce cases might be favorable to us especially if we’re dealing with a life-changing event.

With various experiences under their belt, your seasoned family law attorney should be efficient in finding the best approach in every situation. They should also know what to expect based on the judges’ decision.

With a vast knowledge of jurisdiction and primarily practicing divorce and family law, your chosen attorney should put you in an advantageous position during the proceedings.

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Look for Testimonials from their Past Clients

The other way of gauging how good your family attorney is, is by looking at their past clients’ experiences. Former clients and how their cases were managed are among the most important things we need to look out for.

A word of mouth from past clients can give you a quick overview of how that specific attorney handles the situation they are in. Just make sure you balance both the negative and the positive feedback and the pros with their cons.

You can also ask for a list of their clients that are open for you to contact as a point of reference. Another option is contacting the state’s bar association and see if there are any filed grievances cases against the attorney that you prefer.

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Communication and Availability

Probably one of the most overlooked traits from an attorney to a client is the communication between the two. We need to consider that divorce is a delicate process and the communication between a client and a divorce attorney should be one of the top priorities.

The availability of an attorney and the promptness of their response through various means of communications such as personal meetings, emails, and even phone calls can make or break your divorce proceedings. The level of communication with your attorney should be at par with the satisfaction of your agreement.

You can ask your preferred divorce attorney about their office policy and from there, you can draw a line whether they will be a good fit or not.

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When dealing with a divorce attorney for the first time, they usually give you a brief, free consultation. Use this and ask them how your future transaction will be like.

Just take note that this does not apply to all family law professionals. Some of the most experienced attorney charges at least $100 to $200 as a consultation fee while others take their normal hourly rate.

We can ask them about their hourly rate moving forward and further details with their upfront retainer. During this consultation, ask them additional details regarding their retainer, whether they have a refundable unused retainer or not. This is the best time to ask them about future invoice breakdowns, rates, and other expenses that may occur.

Above all, sign a written contract outlining the fees both parties agreed upon. Do this before you agree to take their services.


What You Feel Matters

Prior to getting a divorce attorney’s services, you might need to assess what you feel regarding the professional whether you two would be a good fit or not. It is also worth mentioning that you should feel confident with the attorney’s abilities.

This is important because you’ll rely on them on this important, life-changing decision. Don’t rush yourself and lock into a contract that you don’t feel comfortable with. Remember, you and your family’s future are in the hands of this individual so it is important that you find the right attorney for you.

If every category falls into place and if your standards are met, you can entrust your case to your chosen family law attorney. Just keep in mind the above reminders to ensure that you two will be a good fit.

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