Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is both a model and an actress. She’s been enjoying both of her careers for almost 40 years now. She first started as a child model and actress, but up until today, she remains to be one of the most famous faces still. In the ‘70s, Brooke appeared in different movies, including King of the Gypsies, Wanda Nevada, and Tilt. But she credits her rise to fame to The Blue Lagoon in 1980 because it is the movie where she stood out the most.

In the ‘90s, the opinions about her changed when she appeared in Suddenly Susan in 1996, which lasted for almost 100 episodes. In 2001, she married Chris Henchy. In 2003, they welcomed their eldest daughter Rowan, In 2006, the youngest child Grier was born. Currently, she is focusing on her two daughters and her personal life.