Celebrity kids Who Got There Genes From Their Parents or Grandparents

Chris Pine – Grandson Of Anne Gwynne

Chris Pine, the Star Trek heartthrob, is a 3rd generation denizen of Hollywood. Both his parents were also actors, while his maternal grandmother, Anne Gwynne, was a very popular pin-up girl during World War II. She was also an actress in the ‘40s and starred in a lot of horror movies. Anne and Chris Pine have the same hooded eyes and full lips. At the age of 84, Anne Gwynne died of a stroke in 2003.

Chris Pine currently enjoys the limelight without having to worry about home loans, since he earns a lot of money. Chris Pine spent a lot of time in the field of action. He succeeded William Shatner James T. Kirk three “Star Trek” movies. Pine played Steve Trevor in 2017’s “Wonder Woman” and will play a role in the upcoming “Wonder Woman 1984”. Pine also recently collaborated with director Patty Jenkins on the TNT miniseries “I Am Night”.

Anjelica Huston – Granddaughter Of Walter Huston

Anjelica Huston became a memorable actress because of her significant roles in movies such as The Addams Family and The Grifters. She is the daughter of the famous director and actor John Huston. Her paternal grandfather, Walter Huston, was also an actor back in the ‘30s. Anjelica Huston seems to have inherited the high cheekbones and the lips of Walter Huston.

Anjelica interacted with Hollywood celebrities throughout her youth. At the age of 18, she made her debut in “Walk with Love and Death” as Claudia. Since then, under the training of performance coach Peggy Feury, she has continuously gained exposure in various films. In 1986, she won an Oscar for her portrayal of Maerose Prizzi in the movie “Prizzi’s Honor”. In 1950, just days before he turned 67, Walter died due to an aneurysm. Anjelica Huston inherited some money from Walter, which is enough to help her live comfortably and luxuriously. She probably used her investment money on real estate.

Charlotte Casiraghi – Granddaughter Of Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is one of the famous leading ladies in Hollywood back in the 50s. But she decided to leave it all behind so she can become a princess. Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Grace Kelly tied the knot in 1956. Princess Grace’s granddaughter Charlotte Casiraghi inherited her elegant bone structure and thick eyebrows. When Charlotte Casiraghiwas four years old, her father was killed in a boating accident.

After his father death, the family moved him to the Midi village of Saint-Rémid de Provence, France, in order to minimize their exposure to the media. Charlotte Casiraghi has been blessed with the royal family’s real estate, including the Monte Carlo casino. With her current status, Charlotte doesn’t have to worry about home loans. Currently, Charlotte Casiraghi has a total net worth of $30 million, which she could place in an investment account or use to live comfortably for the rest of her life.

Alia Shawkat – Granddaughter Of Paul Burke

Alia Shawkat became famous because of her Maeby Fünke role in the sitcom Arrested Development. Currently, she has a net worth of $4 million, so she doesn’t need to worry about mortgages. Shawkat can even grow this net worth by putting it in the right investment. She can surely double or triple her net worth in no time. Shawkat has been going back and forth Los Angeles to act film and TV shows in her childhood.

She recalled: “I felt I lived two lives.” In 2003, at the age of 14, she joined the cast of the sitcom Arrested Development, which received positive reviews for three consecutive seasons. Alia Shawkat is the granddaughter of Paul Burke, who is an award-winning actor. Paul Burke appeared in different TV shows and movies such as The Thomas Crown Affair and Valley Of The Dolls. In 2009, Paul Burke died of Leukemia.

Bridget Fonda – Granddaughter Of Henry Fonda

Bridget Fonda comes from a family of actors and actresses. She has earned nominations for Emmy and Golden Globes Awards. Her current net worth is $10 million, which means that she doesn’t have to worry about personal loans. She can start putting up some money for investment so she can grow her total net worth. Bridget Fonda is the granddaughter of Henry Fonda. She got her strong jawline and distinctive eyes from him.

She is the daughter of Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda. In 2003, Bridget Fonda got into a car accident in Los Angeles which led to a back injury. After Fonda and Elfman married in 2003, she decided to retire from acting. She spent a lot of time to raise her children, the two welcomed their son Oliver in 2005. Since then, Fonda has kept a low profile,even not attending the premiere with her husband.

Zoe Kazan – Granddaughter Of Elia Kazan

Zoe Kazan, who is the star of the movie The Big Sick, is part of a family involved in the Hollywood industry. Her father is Nicholas Kazan, who is a screenwriter while her grandfather is notable director Elia Kazan. Zoe Kazan’s net worth is $3 million, so she probably doesn’t need to worry about home loans. She can even grow this twice or thrice the amount by investing in real estate and such.

When it comes to her looks, she got her eyes and nose from her grandfather. This is why she looks so beautiful and is perfect for different roles in Hollywood. She studied at Yale University (also her grandfather’s alma mater), where she was a member of the Manuscript Society, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in drama in 2005.The New York Times Ben Brantley praised her performance “A-class” and added: “Ms. Kazan is excellent at conveying the character’s self-awareness.”

Apple Martin – Granddaughter Of Blythe Danner

Blythe Danner is an actress who starred in Meet The Parents and The Great Santini. She has strong genes since Gwyneth Paltrow, who is her daughter, looks very much like her. Her blonde locks and doe-eyed beauty were also passed on to Apple Martin, her granddaughter. Blythe Danner already turned 75 and it looks like she isn’t going to retire anytime soon. Her current net worth is $45 million, which means she doesn’t have to worry about mortgages or personal loans.

In fact, Apple Martin may just live comfortably for the rest of her life. Her father is Chris Martin, the lead singer of the rock band Coldplay, and her mother Gwyneth Paltrow won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role as Viola de Lesseps in Shakespeare in Love. Now 16-year-old Apple Martin is very charming and often becomes the focus of attention. Hopefully, they put some of her money in a great investment to help it grow more.

Emma Ferrer – Granddaughter Of Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn was a humanitarian and one of the most popular actresses in the movie industry. In 1953, Hepburn played a young princess in Roman Holiday. She showed her charming charm and won the Academy Award for best actress. She started her new career in 1988, working for the United Nations Children’s Fund, and visited poor villages in Latin America, Africa and Asia until she died of cancer in 1993. In 1994, her granddaughter, Emma Ferrer is born to his son Sean Hepburn.

Both Audrey Hepburn and Emma Ferrer have a lot of facial features. So it’s no surprise when Emma modeled for Harper’s Bazaar back in 2014. Emma Ferrer has also kept Audrey Hepburn’s legacy alive by collaborating with the foundation UNICEF. With her family’s total net worth, she surely won’t need any loans or use credit cards to purchase anything, even real estate, because she can afford to pay in cash.

Ethan Peck – Grandson Of Gregory Peck

The resemblance between Gregory Peck and his grandson Ethan Peck are undeniable. Gregory Peck is an actor who has appeared in the movies Roman Holiday and To Kill A Mockingbird. Gregory Park also was a supporter of several charities and causes. Ethan Peck was born in Los Angeles in 1986, his father is actor Stephen Peck. He appeared in TV shows like Olsen Twins in Passport To Paris and 10 Things I Hate About You.

In 2017, he starred in Star Trek: Discovery. In addition, the 30-year-old actor will play the young Augustine Lofthouse in the new movie The Midnight Sky released on Netflix on December 23. His current net worth is $14 million, which means he doesn’t need personal loans or probably rely on credit cards. He can even grow his net worth by putting it into the right investment.

Oliver Elfman – Grandson Of Peter Fonda

Peter Fonda is the grandfather of Oliver Elfman, who he probably got his eyes and perfect smile from. Oliver is the son of Bridget Fonda, who starred in the movie Single White Female. In 1992, she made a cameo appearance in Army Of Darkness, and it seemed that there was no type she couldn’t manage. On the other hand, Oliver’s father Danny Elfman is a well-known film composer who worked with Tim Burton on the films namely Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The composer married his actress wife in 2003. Now they have a mansion for sale with a price tag of $14.6 million. Currently, Danny Elfman’s net worth is over $80 million, which means that Oliver Elfman may never need to worry about personal loans or mortgage. He can surely live comfortably and luxuriously for the rest of his life.

Dree Hemingway – Great-granddaughter Of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway has garnered multiple achievements, including the prestigious Nobel Prize. He is known for his Iceberg Theory that became an influential source for 20th-century writers. His famous books include The Old Man and The Sea. As he became a legend and a known personality in the whole world and so is the Hemingway clan.

It is impartial to expect that if you are a Hemingway, you must have the nick for writing. His love for writing was passed down to his great-granddaughter Dree Hemingway. Although she is good at writing, she preferred being a model. She was great at the runway and also modeled for famous brands Givenchy and Calvin Klein. She also had a short-lived acting career. Dree Hemingway’s net worth is $800 thousand, and hopefully, she can turn this into investment money for her future. With her net worth, she could probably already live comfortably for the rest of her life.

Amba Isis Jackson – Granddaughter Of Mick Jagger

If you are related to someone like Mick Jagger, your life seems to be made for you already. Just like Amba Isis Jackson, the daughter of Piers Jackson and Jade Jagger. Jade Jagger is the daughter of rock icon Mick Jagger which makes Amba Isis the granddaughter of Mick Jagger. Well, who is Mick Jagger and why is he famous? Mick Jagger is a former member of the band The Rolling Stones, need I say more?

Currently, Mick Jagger has a net worth of $360 million which means he has a great fortune that can cover generations. With that, Amba Isis Jackson probably doesn’t have to worry about her finances. Of course, she plans to make her own money in time. For now, she can just enjoy her life and probably make a sound investment with the help of their financial advisor. However, looking at Amba, no doubt that she has a chance in the entertainment industry. When she is ready, whether it is in music or acting, Amba will most likely make her own fortune just like her grandpa.

Jackson Riley Santana – Grandson of Jim Carrey

If you have a grandfather like Jim Carey, probably, there are no dull moments with your old folks. That is what we picture with Jackson Riley Santana. Jackson is the grandson of Jim Carey to his daughter Jane Carey. Jackson who is now 10 years old seems to have a good and close relationship with his grandfather.

Jim Carrey, the beloved actor, and comedian with unfailing energy and an incredible bag of jokes and gags is more than that. Aside from his great acting skills, Jim has also another creative side to credit; being a cartoonist, painter, writer, musician, and screenwriter. The star of Ace Ventura, The Mask, Dumb and Dumber and, Bruce Almighty is also a loving and proud grandfather. Photos of him bonding with his grandson melt everyone’s hearts and shows his other sensitive side. With a natural gift for gags and comedic personality, he probably makes his grandson, Jackson Riley Santana, laugh a lot. In an interview, he described the experience as being incredible.

Aiden And Jacob – Grandsons Of Dave Bautista

Popular WWE professional Dave Bautista formerly known as Batista is the grandfather of Aiden and Jacob from his daughter Keilani. Proving that beyond his big built and strong appearance, he has a soft side meant for his grandkids. Aside from his earnings when he was still a professional wrestler, he made a big fortune when he ventured into the acting industry.

In 2014, Dave Bautista made his big break and starred in Guardian of the Galaxy, which became a blockbuster. As the kids are still young, only time will tell whether Aiden and Jacob will follow in their grandfather’s footsteps. With Dave Bautista’s net worth, both Aiden and Jacob won’t need to worry about their future, particularly their finances. They can get any degree at any university they want as well as live comfortably for the years to come. If they start investing some of their money today, they can grow it in no time.

Drew Barrymore – Granddaughter Of John Barrymore

Beyond Drew Barrymore’s self-made success lies her roots to credit for her acting skills. Drew is a veteran actress who is the granddaughter of John Barrymore. Her resemblance to John is uncanny. Her grandfather has created movies during the ‘20s. On the other hand, she has been acting since she was a kid all thanks to her grandfather, who opened the door to show business to her. She starred in many films, so many that is hard to count to this day. Her most memorable films are Charlie’s Angels, 50 First Date, and her most recent Netflix series, Santa Clarita’s Diet.

Currently, Drew Barrymore has a net worth of $125 million, which means that she doesn’t have to rely on her granddad’s money to live a luxurious life. Regardless of her previous lows in life, Drew is doing pretty well now and is living a more established life. With a kid of her own, she probably needs to save up and make several investments to make and grow money.

Jason Ritter – Grandson of Tex Ritter

Another grandkid of a famous actor is Jason Ritter from the Ritter family who is headed by their grandfather, Tex Ritter. Jason is no stranger to the entertainment business. Jason is an actor who appeared in the movies Joan of Arcadia and Parenthood has a striking resemblance with his grandfather Tex Ritter. He recently stars as the villain in the Netflix series, Raising Dion, which has received praises from many critics. His grandfather, who is a country musician, has also appeared in multiple western movies in the ‘30s. Besides film and music, Tex was known to have assisted in the United Cerebral Palsy.

Currently, Jason has a net worth of $6 million, which means that he doesn’t have to worry about bankruptcy or rely on personal loans. Jason, who is now in his 40s, has settled his life around Hollywood and is in no need of support from his grandfather’s fortune.

Arthur Donald – Grandson Of Paul McCartney

All eyes are on Arthur Donald as he is only not the grandson of Paul McCartney but also of his good looks. Arthur has a considerable resemblance with his former Beatles member grandfather. Arthur is the eldest grandchild of Paul from his daughter Mary McCartney and husband Alistair Donald. Arthur is now 20 years old and is currently studying at Yale University. He has no involvement in the entertainment business yet, but we cannot deny that he has a future as a model. He has a good body built paired with a towering height of 6’1”, not to mention his pretty face and oozing appeal.

As of the moment, he seems to be taking the time and focused on his studies. Considering Paul’s net worth of $1.1 billion, Arthur probably doesn’t have to be bothered with student loans or his future as his grandpa seems to have covered it already. With whatever he may decide to do with his life, we are pretty sure he got his family’s back.

Danielle Riley Keough – Granddaughter Of Priscilla Presley

It is no wonder why Danielle Riley Keough, also known as Riley Keough, looks exquisite. It is because she is a member of Hollywood royalty, no other than the Presley clan. Danielle Riley is the daughter of Danny Keough and Lisa Marie Presley and the eldest grandchild of Priscilla and Elvis Presley.

Danielle is an actress, model, and producer. Her beautiful looks are probably inherited from both her parents. Danielle first started as a teen model appearing in several magazines and big brand ads. After whaich, she explored an acting career where she appeared in the movies Magic Mike, Logan Lucky, and the television show, The Girlfriend Experience. Her net worth is $20 million, which means that she doesn’t need to rely on mortgages and personal loans to get her own properties. With a good financial advisor, she can find out where to invest her money to help it grow more.

Billie Lourd – Granddaughter Of Debbie Reynolds

Billie Lourd got her beautiful and innocent looks from her grandmother Debbie Reynolds. Billie, who is an actress too, obviously inherited her granny’s talents in acting. Billie is considered a teen queen as she debuts in her teenage years, mostly on horror flicks. In fact, she appeared in the shows American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

Now 28 years old, Billie’s resemblance to her grandma is very uncanny. Debbie Reynolds, a famous actress and entrepreneur, seems to leave a long-lasting legacy not only with her work and businesses but also through her descendants. Besides talents, she also got a big inheritance from the business that Debbie established. Meaning she has less to worry about in life as her finances are already secured. Not that all, Billie made her own earnings credited to her acting career. She has a net worth of $20 million, which is more than enough to support her for the rest of her life.

Sean Flynn – Grandson Of Errol Flynn

Back in the day, during Hollywood’s golden age, Errol Flynn was one of the biggest actors and leading man. Among his legacy is his family that shares his good looks. His grandson, Sean Flynn, looks exactly like him. Sean Flynn, born as Sean Rio Flynn-Amir, is a 31 years old actor and son of Gideon Amir and Rory Flynn. Rory Flynn is the daughter of Errol Flynn. He has appeared in the television show Zoey 101.

It is safe to say that his name was taken after his late uncle, Sean Leslie Flynn, a photojournalist known for his work in the Vietnam war. His current net worth is $500 thousand, and he probably can already live comfortably and luxuriously for the rest of his life. If he places some of it in savings accounts, he can grow his net worth more. Let’s just hope that he has a good financial advisor to help manage his money.

Lena Redford – Granddaughter Of Robert Redford

Robert Redford’s first marriage gave him a total of four children, and today, he is a grandfather of seven. One of which is Lena Redford, who is also into the entertainment business just like her grandpa. Robert Redford had an amazing acting career, he appeared in the films Out of Africa, The Sting, and Inside Daisy Clover. He also ventured into directing and worked on Ordinary People; he earned several awards in this field.

In 2005, he became an entrepreneur and co-founded The Redford Center with his son James. James Redford is the father of Lena Redford, who also contributed to their center. While participating in their family cause, Lena also has her hands on acting and directing. She has several projects to date and is currently seen in many YouTube videos. For sure, Lena has her own savings apart from the inheritance or trust fund meant for her from her grandad. It is no wonder why she seems to be living in worry-free life as her funds seem to be hefty enough to get her through her life without needing any personal loan.

Amaya Josephine Hermann – Granddaughter Of Jayne Mansfield

Amaya Josephine Hermann is the second child of Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay. Amaya is the adopted daughter of the couple after their first-born son. Mariska Hargitay is the daughter of the infamous bombshell of the 50s, Jayne Mansfield. Although Mansfield is not with us anymore due to the tragic accident that took her life, she left with us her daughter Mariska. Mariska, who looks so much like her mom, is currently the star of the television show Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, while Peter Hermann works on the same show as well.

Currently, Amaya Josephine Hermann has a net worth of $10 million. Thanks to her mom and her grandma who’s blessed her with a big fortune. With this, her education is probably secured, and she doesn’t have to worry about mortgages in the future. Her parents are evidently financially literate and wise enough to set aside enough amount of money for their children.

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg – Granddaughter Of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Rose Kennedy Schlossberg has a striking resemblance to her late grandma, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Onassis was a prominent figure in the United States as she was a writer, socialite, and First Lady to the former President John F. Kennedy. Born as Jackie Bouvier, she was born in 1929 and became Jackie Kennedy after marrying John F. Kennedy, a Massachusetts Congressman. Her legacy leaves on through her works and her granddaughter Rose Kennedy Schlossberg.

Rose Kennedy is the daughter of Caroline Kennedy and the first grandchild of the power couple John and Jackie Kennedy. Comes with filial fame, she also inherited their wealth. She graduated from Harvard University and is currently working as an actress. With the wealth that she had inherited, she surely doesn’t have to worry about mortgages. Of course, she currently has her own source of income because she doesn’t want to just rely on her inheritance. If she invests her money in the right places, it will yield enough so she can relax and live comfortably for the rest of her life.

Katie Cassidy – Granddaughter Of Jack Cassidy

Jack Cassidy was known as one of the most versatile actors in the ‘60s. Unfortunately, he died at an early age due to an accidental fire in 1976. His name was never forgotten as his heritage leaves on through his children and grandchildren. To name one is Katie Cassidy, Jack Cassidy’s granddaughter to his son David Cassidy.

Katie Cassidy has inherited Jack’s perfect smile and bright eyes. Being an actor seems to run in the blood as Katie is also an actress like grandpa Jack, dad David, and brother Beau Cassidy. She appeared in television shows such as Arrow, Supernatural, and Gossip Girl back in 2012. Currently, Katie Cassidy has a total net worth of $3 million, which means she has no trouble with loans. But considering the figures, she must be wise and makes more income to secure her future. But following her success in her TV series, Arrow, she must be increasing her earnings, and projects will be laid out for her.

Sarah Sutherland – Granddaughter Of Donal Sutherland

Sarah Sutherland has a great root to look up to and keep up to. Not only she is the daughter of Kiefer Sutherland, star of TV series 24, and the hit Netflix series Designated Survivor, she is also the granddaughter of Donald Sutherland. Sarah is also an actress just like his father and grandfather. She stars in the TV show VEEP and portrays the First Daughter Catherine Meyer.

Sarah Sutherland has a few resemblances with both her father and grandfather. We think this helps her with her acting career. Apart from the incurred wealth of their family, Sarah makes her own earnings and currently has a net worth of $2 million. Looking at it, she might need to make a lot more projects with wise money management in order to make it through her retirement age. But with the success of her recent show, we are sure that just like her dad, she will also make her big break in due time.

Tayla Lynn – Granddaughter Of Loretta Lynn

At a young age, Tayla Lynn started her singing career alongside her grandmother, Loretta Lynn. Loretta’s guitarist was her son and Tayla’s father, Ernie. As singers and musicians, their family home is always filled with beautiful music. During a tour with her grandmother, Tayla landed a great opportunity with a singing group called Stealing Angels.

In 2016, Tayla started signing with London Tone Music but decided to shift her career and explore her luck in film and television. She stars in The Least of These: A Christmas Story in 2018 and Why We Breathe in 2019. Tayla, just like any other star, has once had trouble with personal issues. She has been open about it and won it over. Her journey serves as an inspiration to those who are in the same situation as her. Even though she didn’t file bankruptcy during her hard times, Tayla’s credit reports might still be damaged. But with the help of her family and the fortune that her grandma left, she is sure still striving to this day.

Princess Charlotte – Granddaughter Of Princess Diana

The world crumbles in tears the day Lady Di passed away of a tragic accident. Her memories leave on to this date as a very influential figure, face of glamour and sophistication, and people’s princess. She left two princes; Prince William and Prince Harry. Next to the crown is Prince William, who is now married and has kids of his own. While we swoon over the fact that Prince William seems to follow his mother’s close-knit family ties and customs, we cannot deny the resemblance of Princess Diana and Princess Charlotte.

Princess Charlotte is the daughter of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Prince William. If she grows up like her grandmother, she will surely win the hearts of many. With her filial affiliation, and a princess herself, she is financially secure and free of mortgages for the rest of her life. Of course, the young princess still has a long way to go and is yet to determine the kind of lifestyle she will resort to. But without a doubt, as her family treasury is secured, she will probably live a comfortable life with nothing to worry about.

Pablo Dylan – Grandson Of Bob Dylan

It all runs in the blood, that’s what they say, and it seems to be true, looking at Pablo Dylan and Bob Dylan, who share the same passion for music. Pablo Dylan is Bob Dylan’s grandchild. Pablo Dylan started his rapping career in 2010. He managed to earn praises from other artists including Brent Faiyaz, ASAP Rocky, and OG Maco. He had a short share of fame as a rapper when he decided to make his big switch.

Pablo decided to continue his music career in the genre folk-rock like his grandfather. He has no problem facing criticisms as he shares that he has strong mental health. Currently, Pablo Dylan looks up to Kanye West and dreams of having the same savings account as Kanye. With investments in the right places, Pablo Dylan will surely be able to reach his goal. Bob Dylan has a total net worth of $200 million and surely, Pablo Dylan has inherited some of this money.

Edgar Cooper Endicott – Grandson Of Joan Rivers

From the clan of great actors, Edgar Cooper Endicott belongs to the Rivers. Edgar Cooper is the grandson of none other than Joan Rivers to her daughter Melissa Rivers. Edgar, who is not active in the industry had once tasted to be in the spotlight. Joan Rivers and her grandson Edgar Cooper Endicott has once made an appearance on a television show together. In 1998, Edgar Cooper Endicott’s parents had a $3 million wedding ceremony. But after half a decade, his parents split up.

Edgar Cooper Endicott’s net worth is almost $1 million, which is more than enough to live a financially secure life, without worrying about mortgages. Of course, Edgar Cooper Endicott can also hire a financial advisor to help him grow this money by investing it in the right places, maybe in real estate. In no time, his net worth might just multiply to help increase his security in the future.

Princes William & Harry – Grandson Of Queen Elizabeth

Among the grandchildren of a famous figure, Prince William and Prince Harry top the list. Prince William and Prince Harry are the grandsons of Queen Elizabeth to his son, and next to the throne, Prince Charles. The life of Prince William and Prince Harry has always been in the watchful eye of the public as they are the royals of the modern age.

After the tragic loss of their mother in 1997, the life of the two princes has never been the same. They were bombarded left and right with scandals and rumors. But they managed to grow up well and currently, both William and Harry are married to the love of their lives. With the net worth that both of them have, they don’t need to rely on credit cards and loans. They have a financially secure life, as well as their family. Prince William and Prince Harry will be able to live comfortably for the rest of their lives.

Sophie Dahl – Granddaughter Of Roald Dahl

Following the footsteps of his grandfather Roald Dahl, Sophie Dahl is a renowned author. Roald Dahl was a well-known novelist who wrote remarkable stories. Prior to his writing career, he was a war veteran and fighter jet pilot. Sophie Dahl first made a mark in the industry through her modeling stint. What made her famous is the fact that she is one of the hottest models despite being a size 14, commonly known now as a plus-size model.

Even if she sometimes struggles to find clothes for a shoot, her gorgeousness stands out. After her modeling career, she went on being an author and produce several books, including a cookbook based on the cooking show she was once in. Her current net worth is $8 million, which means that she doesn’t have to worry about mortgages and personal loans like others. Sophie Dahl can also hire a financial advisor to help her manage her money and invest it in real estate and such. In no time, her money will surely multiply which will secure her and her family’s future.

 Blue Ivy – Granddaughter of Tina Knowles

With such a powerful couple for parents, Blue Ivy, daughter of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, is already bound to become a star. Even before she came into this world, her name is already in the writings, given that she is the offspring of two of the most applauded musicians of our time. Adding to her list of what-could-be in the near future is her grandmother’s eye for fashion.

Her grandmother, Tina Knowles, who is a fashion designer and businesswoman, used her investment money to establish her fashion brands. There’s no doubt that Tina is proud of her granddaughter, especially since she’s rocking her fashion at age 7. At her early age, Blue seems to be into music already as she is said to be helping her mother write music. She even starred in the track, BROWN SKINNED GIRL from Beyoncé’s latest album, The Lion King: The Gift. The little girl sang during the beginning and end of the song.

Steven R. McQueen – Grandson of Steve McQueen

Most people would probably know Steven R McQueen as his character, Jeremy Gilbert, in CW’s The Vampire Diaries, and as Jimmy Borelli in NBC’s Chicago Fire. His name is also probably familiar due to the actor Steve McQueen, which his grandfather. The King of Cool passed down his coolness and handsomeness to his grandson, Steven McQueen.

Like Steve McQueen, there’s no denying that Steven shares the same charm that never fails to catch the ladies’ eyes. But before becoming famous in the 60s and the 70s, Steve needed to depend on student loans to study acting. Now, as a Hollywood icon, his grandson and many others see him as their role model and take inspiration from him. Hard work and dedication seem to pay off as his grandson reaps the fruit of his labor. Garnering his earnings from his gigs before, Steve McQueen must have given enough inheritance to his equally handsome grandson, who probably has high bank credit himself.

North West – Granddaughter of Kris Jenner

Born in a star-studded household, North West has lived her entire young life under the eyes of the public and media. Daughter of Kanye West, a known rapper, fashion designer and entrepreneur and, Kim Kardashian, reality star and fashion icon, North has nowhere to go but be in the entertainment or fashion business.

Living the life of glamour and fame, it came as no surprise that the granddaughter of Kris Jenner already has her own credit card. Giving her enough freedom to stash cash whenever she wants, her parents must have funded her so well. In an interview, Kris Jenner mentioned how she’s fond of babysitting her grandkids. She even relates how she managed to embarrass little North at school by wearing a ridiculous wig. The Kardashians may be known for their onscreen fights and crazy stunts in their reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but it’s obvious that Kris Jenner loves her grandbabies.

Indio Falconer Downey – Grandson of Robert Downey Sr.

In Marvel’s The Avengers: Endgame, Robert Downey Jr.’s character, Iron Man, finally had a child with Pepper Potts. In real life, RDJ has three children, the oldest of them being Indio Falconer Downey, his child with his former wife, Deborah Falconer.

His father built up his credit score to be one of the highest-paid actors today, and his family’s acting history is impressive. Indio probably wanted to follow the footsteps of his Dad and grandfather, Robert Downey Sr., when he starred in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Jackie. However, he soon discovered that acting was not his passion and eventually turned to music, establishing a band called The Dose. Following the path of his father, Indio was recently reported to be recovering from personal problems. As he is on his way to becoming a better person for himself, we also hope that he has made the same fortune as his dad after being free from his hurdles.

Oona Castilla Chaplin – Granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin

If you think the legendary Charlie Chaplin has gone out of the entertainment industry, well, you are wrong. Have you ever heard of Oona Castilla Chaplin? If you guess it right, she is no other than the granddaughter of Charlie Chaplin. Charlie Chaplin’s name still receives credit today as one of the most prominent personalities in the industry. His work as an actor, composer, and filmmaker was widely recognized during his time, and he’s still being revered today.

Thanks to the wonderful family background, Charlie’s granddaughter, Oona, decided to pursue acting as well. You might know her as her character from Game of Thrones, Talisa Maegyr. She might also be familiar to some because of her roles in Taboo and The Crimson Field. She is also said to have joined the cast of the upcoming Avatar sequels and we’re all counting on her to deliver her best.

Clark James Gable – Grandson of Clark Gable

When you have the King of Hollywood himself as your grandfather and share his name, you probably don’t need to introduce yourself anymore. Famously known for his role in Gone With the Wind, Clark Gable rose to fame during his time and collected numerous accolades. Taking advantage of his inherited good looks and his ancestry, Clark James Gable, the grandson of Clark Gable pursued his career in business. Using his investment money, he establishes a men’s fashion boutique and surfing line.

As his natural talent cannot be denied, he then ended up as the host of the reality show Cheaters, starting from its 13th season to its 15th. Unfortunately, the model and TV presenter were found dead on February 22, 2019, due to a drug overdose and died at the age of 30. He left a daughter named Rose LaRae Gable, who is just a toddler. We are to know if she will also enter the business or she will remain living a private life.

Cameron Douglas – Grandson of Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas had a fantastic career and is still a living legend at the age of 102. A philanthropist, actor, and self-made man, he is sure to inspire people around the world. He established himself as a legend in the Hollywood film industry, despite growing up in poverty. Trying to pursue his education, he depended on student loans while he was at Lawrence University.

He eventually, gained a special scholarship at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, where he met Lauren Bacall and Diana Dill. Years later, his grandson, Cameron Douglas, would soon follow in his footsteps and appear in films such as It Runs in the Family, National Lampoon’s Adam & Eve, Loaded, and Mr. Nice Guy. Although he found himself at the front door of Hollywood, Cameron didn’t find success in it. He had a hard life battling personal problems but resort to publishing his own book about his life inside the cell. Out from the limelight, Cameron seems to be living at peace.

Abby Elliott – Granddaughter of Bob Elliott

A popular face on Saturday Night Live, actress and comedian, Abby Elliott is the granddaughter of Bob Elliott. Bob is more popularly known as the other half of the Bob and Ray comedic duo. The two first started to perform together for Matinee with Bob and Ray, and eventually had their own show from 1951 to 1953. Comedy must really be in their blood; his granddaughter Abby followed the path that seemed to come naturally to the family—comedy.

She tried to obtain a degree in Marymount Manhattan College but eventually decided to take comedy classes at The Groundlings. It came as no surprise that Abby will land her feet in a comedy scene as her father is also a comedian, and yes, we are pertaining to Chris Elliott. We are now thinking if any of Elliot’s next generation will pursue the same career, and if that’s the case, they must be named comedy royalties.

Dakota Johnson – Granddaughter of Tippi Hedren

Making a name for herself, Dakota Johnson separated herself well from her grandmother’s shadow. If you do not know, Tippi Hedren is the grandma of Dakota Johnson. Tippi Hedren established herself as one of the gems in Hollywood as well as in animal rights activism. Ever since being discovered by Alfred Hitchcock, her rise to fame became inevitable, especially with her incredible talent for acting.

She won countless awards for her performances, including a Golden Globe for her role in Marnie. Eventually, she used her investment money to support her animal rights advocacy and establish the Shambala Preserve, an animal sanctuary. Her granddaughter, Dakota Johnson, is mostly known for playing Anastasia Steele in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey who she co-starred with Irish actor, Jamie Dornan. Unlike her grandma, Dakota used her alluring femininity to capture the attention of the viewers. Since then, she became an established actress of our generation.

Stormi Jenner – Granddaughter of Kris Jenner

As the Kardashians are entering a new stage in their life called motherhood, their offspring are not spared and just can’t help but be in the spotlight as well. Just like Stormi Jenner, the daughter of Kylie Jenner and granddaughter of the Kardashian matriarch, Kris Jenner, she has been in the news very often. At a very young age, Stormi just can’t help being on people’s timelines all the time, especially since her mom and relatives are all internets and social media sensations.

The little girl can be frequently seen on her mother’s Instagram account, where they share their cute moments and outfits. Speaking of outfits, Stormi is already on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia with mom, Kylie Jenner, and grandmom, Kris Jenner. The three posed in their leopard print clothes, flaunting off their stylish lifestyle. As a young mom, Kylie has earned more than enough investment money to establish her own beauty and skincare brand.

Zöe Kravitz – Granddaughter of Roxie Roker

Before Roxie Roker starred in the CBS sitcom The Jeffersons as Helen Willis, she first moved to New York to pursue her dream. She received her education at Howard University and gained her degree. In 1962, she married Sy Kravitz, a television producer. Later, she gave birth to Lenny Kravitz, whose daughter is Zöe Kravitz.

Following the artistry of her grandma and dad, she has appeared in several famous movie franchises and spared a spot to do music. Her most notable role and film to date are Angel in Xmen: First Class and Christina from Divergent. Among others are Mad Max: Fury Road and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Her mother, Lisa Bonet, is no stranger when it comes to acting and being famous. Lisa has done several films and is now married to Jason Momoa, who Zöe even calls her Papa bear. With her genetically inclined artistry and her hard work, we bet Zoe will reach great miles with fine investments when she retires.

Ali Astin – Granddaughter of Patty Duke

At the age of 16, Patty Duke already got her breakthrough role in The Miracle Worker, for which she received an Academy Award. She was given her own show called The Patty Duke Show the following year and proceeded to win other awards for her performances. After her death, her son, Sean Astin, devoted some of his investment money, along with other donations, to establish The Patty Duke Mental Health Initiative. This organization serves as a memorial to Patty since she has been a health advocate.

Patty’s granddaughter, Ali, has also joined the industry. Her first debut was when she appeared alongside his father in the film adaptation of The Lord of the Rings as Elanor Gamgee. Not containing herself to acting, she released her first album called Take 1. Ali, just like her grandmother, is into health. She was seen posting pictures of herself doing yoga and some self-care activities.

Charlotte Ritchie – Granddaughter of Richard Burton

Richard Burton was a Welsh actor and is famous for his portrayals of Shakespearean characters, especially in Hamlet. His stage career was impressive; enough to get him nominated for several Academy Awards and become a recipient of a Tony Award for Best Actor. He had also captured the heart of the lovely Elizabeth Taylor and continued to work with her for several other projects. Continuing the passion of his grandfather is Charlotte Ritchie.

His granddaughter is now known for her role in Fresh Meat. The impressive note to this is that she filmed the said series while obtaining her degree at the University of Bristol. She also appeared in Siblings and Call the Midwife and was a part of the British crossover band, All Angels. She was first noticed for her uncredited appearance in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, but that was all in the past as she already has made a name for herself.

Jason Patric – Grandson of Jackie Gleason

Jackie Gleason was a lot of things; he was a writer, actor, comedian, conductor, and composer. He was also known for his role as Ralph Kramden, a bus driver in The Honeymooners. His daughter, Linda, followed his footsteps and became an actress, marrying Jason Miller, an actor, and playwright. Not wanting to break the tradition, their son Jason Patric is also an actor.

Jason is known for his participation in The Lost Boys, Narc, The Losers, The Alamo, and many more. He had a son with Danielle Schreiber, but he was denied his parental rights. Eventually, he and his lawyer own the case, and he is now recognized as the legal father. We all know that legal battles do not come cheap, Jason must have spent a lot of his investment to win the case. But with his family on his back, as well as their combined wealth, we are sure he got it covered.

Max Irons – Grandson of Cyril Cusack

Despite not having a degree, Cyril Cusack proved to the world that he could still become successful. With a career that spans over 7 decades, Cyril appeared in countless TV shows and films, including Inspector Hornleigh, Goes to It, The Blue Lagoon, The Rising of the Moon, Miracle in Soho, Fahrenheit 451, The Taming of the Shrew, and many more.

He was married twice and had six children. One of his daughters from his first wife had a son named Max Irons, who is now a model and actor. Owning the success of his career to his god looks, charisma, and skills, Max Irons is his own man. The 35-year-old handsome actor is known for his roles in Red Riding Hood, The White Queen, The Riot Club, The Wife, The Host, Woman in Gold, and Bitter Harvest. Unlike his granddad, Max managed to get a degree in Music and Drama at Guildhall School. Now that is one way of making your old pals proud!

True Thompson – Granddaughter of Kris Jenner

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson may have ended their relationship because of Thompson’s scandal with Jordyn Woods. Despite the horror of their relationship, Khloe didn’t deny the rights of his ex-partner as she believes that it’s still important for her daughter to look back on her childhood memories with her father. As a proof is True’s first birthday. It was a bash that was featured in the Kardashian-Jenners’ Instagrams and even included her father.

Kris Jenner, as the grandmother of baby True, has spoken about the scandal and said that she trusts Khloe and her other children to make good decisions, whether it’s regarding their love lives or money management. As for the youngest Kardashian, she’s determined to provide a happy and bright future for her daughter. Looking at True, the decision of Khloe serves right as her daughter is growing up happy and contented, all thanks to the complete family figure that she has.

Hutch Dano – Grandson of Royal Dano

Before Royal Dano became famous, he was a boy who loved going on adventures. At the age of twelve, it was said that he left his home and lived in California, Florida, and Texas. Eventually, he agreed to go back to school only because he was allowed to travel. He later joined the army before becoming an actor and appeared in Moby Dick, The 7 Faces of Dr. Lao, The Trouble with Harry, Father Knows Best, and a lot more.

Not much of an adventurer but seems to be following his footsteps is his grandson, Hutch Dano. Hutch, at an early age, appeared in his first commercial. Later on, he would receive credit for being in Disney’s Zeke and Luther. The granddad and grandson seem to be in the opposite direction as Hutch seems to have the boy-next-door look while his grandpa is more of a bad-boy adventurous type of guy. Either way, we have to agree that another Dano in the industry is such a great addition to the file.

Rooney Mara – Wellington Mara

One of the most prominent personalities in National Football League history, Wellington Mara was the son of Timothy James Mara. He earned his degree at Fordham University, where he was recognized as one of their most notable alumni. His father and his uncle, Jack share his title as the co-owner of the New York Giants. Wellington’s granddaughter, Rooney Daughter, however, decided to pursue a path in the film industry and landed her breakthrough role as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Gaining the attention of producers and directors, she also appeared in Tanner Hall, A Nightmare on Elm Street, The Social Network, and Millennium. We have yet to see more of Rooney as she just starting. But looking at this girl, we know that she will go far securing a great lifetime investment for her and her future family adding to the family fortune that we sure she will inherit.

Alexa Davalos – Granddaughter of Richard Davalos

Alexa Davalos has this alluring and mystic beauty we can’t get enough of. Looking at her lineage, we know why. Seeing that he is the granddaughter of Richard Davalos, it explains well why she has that sophisticated and alluring vibe. Richard Davalos is known for his role in East of Eden, where he appeared alongside James Dean as his brother, Aron. In 1967, he played the role of Blind Dick, a convict in Cool Hand Luke.

His audiences also know him for his characters in All the Young Men, Brother, Cry for Me, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Hot Stuff, Kelly’s Heroes, The Cabinet of Caligari, and Pit Stop. His granddaughter, Alexa, recalls most of her childhood in Italy and France. They eventually called the moving company to settle in New York where she pursued acting, appearing in Clash of the Titans, Feast of Love, The Mist, and other films.

Alyson Le Borges – Granddaughter or Alain Delon

During the 1960s, the French audiences considered Alian Delon as one of their ultimate crushes, even declaring him as a sex symbol during his time. He was a critically acclaimed actor, known for his roles in Rocco and His Brothers, The Yellow Rolls-Royce, and Lost Command. He eventually ventured into business, and it seemed that he didn’t need small business loans to keep his brands afloat. His son, Anthony Delon, had a daughter named Alyson Le Borges, who was discovered at age 14 and became an actress and model. She appeared in films like Neon Angel, La pute et le guitarist, La luer de l’espoir, and L’île bleue.

Alyson does not rely on her grandparents because she also cemented her name in the entertainment industry. She is a renowned model and actress who has the looks and talents in her chosen career. Even with her grandparent’s fame, she managed to make her name stand out by making the best out of herself.

Tatia Starkey – Granddaughter of Ringo Starr

Sir Richard Starkey, or more popularly known as Ringo Starr, is one of The Beatles’ members. Aside from being a singer and musician, he was also recognized as an actor and songwriter. Being a member of a worldwide sensation skyrocketed his career in the music industry, even being appointed as Members of the Order of the British Empire. His musical blood was then passed on to his son, Zak Starkey, who is the drummer of The Who. He is the former drummer for Oasis as well.

His daughter, Tatia Starkey, is also following in her grandfather and father’s footsteps. However, she decided to hold the guitar instead of going with her family’s drumming history. She has amazing talents that she got from her grandfather and they are all proud of her. The music industry may know that she is a granddaughter of a great musician, yet she tries her best to be one of the singers today.

Major James Martino – Grandson of Susan Sarandon

Susan Sarandon is recognized as one of Hollywood’s finest actresses, with Academy Awards, British Academy Film Award, and a Golden Globe Awards to prove it. She is known for her roles in films such as Joe, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Client, Dead Man Walking, The Lovely Bones, The Meddler, Enchanted, and many more. She is also recognized for her efforts to support several civil rights advocacies, actively donating investment money and time to help the organizations she supports.

Her daughter, Eva Amurri Martino is also an actress who married a former soccer player. Now, Susan enjoys her life with her grandkids, especially Eva’s baby, Major James. Eva has many dreams for her cute bundle of joy, Major James. Even if he is still a baby, his grandparents and parents are happy to welcome him into this world. They all want the best for Major, and they will all sure work hard for this boy to become a good man.

Jude Stewart – Granddaughter of Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart is a well-known TV personality, writer, businesswoman, and former model. When she was attending the College of Columbia University, she needed to depend on student loans and her modeling career to pay her tuition. Later on, she became a frequent feature on TV in shows such as Martha Stewart Living, The Martha Stewart Show, and The Today Show. After her daughter, Alexis, went through maternity struggles, she finally had a granddaughter named Jude. Naturally, Martha spoils her first grandchild and even features her on her blog. Now, she has more than one grandchild, and Martha could not be happier with the new additions to her family.

Jude Stewart is a lucky child to be in a great family. She was never neglected for attention, as Martha and Alexis are always on her. They are doing everything to make Jude the best of herself someday and to never be afraid of what society looks like.

Aiden and Jacob Bautista – Grandsons of Dave Bautista

Dave Bautista was a professional mixed martial artist, bodybuilder, and former wrestler. Now that he’s retired, Dave mostly gets credit for portraying the character of Drax the Destroyer in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. He starred alongside Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel and Pom Klementieff. He extended his role as Drax for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. So when his daughter Keilani Bautista had two sons, Aiden and Jacob, their grandfather would take them to the premiere of his cool movies, even allowing them to sit on the front row! How lucky can these kids get?

Dave was always hardworking and with his grandkids, he made sure to make different investments that can help them. He is a proud granddad and will always cherish these two boys. Bautista always spends time with them and shares his personal experience about his career and life hoping the boys will learn from him.

Amarah Skye – Granddaughter of Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg established herself as one of Hollywood’s favorite faces. As an actor and comedian, she’s one of only a few people who has ever received the prestigious EGOT—Emmy Award, Grammy Award, Oscar Award and a Tony Award. On top of that, she is also the second black woman to earn an Oscar for her acting talent. She’s still memorable because of her films like Sister’s Act, The Lion King, and many more.

Her business ventures led her to devote some of her investment money to establish Whoopi and Maya. Her daughter, Alex Martin, is now in her 30’s and already has a baby of her own. They named her granddaughter Amarah Skye. Little Amarah is such a joyful kid who always dreamed of becoming her grandma, a great actress. Whoopi has many properties and has a great financial advisor who helps her to give back to her grandchildren whom she cherishes the most.

Jason Schwartzman – Grandson of Carmine Coppola

Carmine Coppola mostly receives credit for being the brilliant mind behind the music featured in The Godfather, The Apocalypse Now, and The Outsiders. His amazing contributions and works were awarded accolades such as an Academy Award for Best Original Score and a Golden Globe for the same category. He was also nominated for a BAFTA and a Grammy. His grandson, Jason Schwartzman, is also a musician. However, he is more popularly known as an actor, executive producer, and screenwriter. He appeared in films such as Saving Mr. Banks, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Big Eyes, Parks and Recreation, Rushmore, and many more.

Carmen is a proud grandmother of Jason. Seeing her grandson venturing on her own and establishing his own name is one of her proudest moments in life. As for Jason, he is still making his ways in the industry but know that he has already made contributions to different artists’ albums and appeared on many TV screens.

Assisi Lola Jackson – Granddaughter of Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is widely known as a member of The Rolling Stones, but he’s also recognized as a singer, actor, songwriter and film producer. He tried to pursue a degree at the London School of Economics, but instead, ended up being one of the most important figures in the music industry. Along with his bandmates, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman, The Rolling Stones took on the world by storm and are still known as one of the most famous bands today.

Mick is also known to have a lot of grandchildren, especially since he has eight children. Now, his granddaughter, Assisi, already has a child of her own, making him a great grandfather. Assisi is also a popular celebrity because of her parents. Being born with famous parents and grandparents, this did not stop her to be on her own. She also has a child now and is very happy living her own life.

Jordan Bridges – Grandson of Lloyd Bridges

Appearing in more than 150 films, Lloyd Bridges was an actor and the father of Beau and Jeff Bridges. His career started with Columbia Pictures, with roles in films such as High Noon, Little Big Horm, Sahara and A Walk in the Sun. Later on, he got his own CBS series called The Lloyd Bridges Show, where his sons would make guest appearances.

His grandson, Jordan Bridges, also pursued acting and starred as a lawyer in Conviction. His other projects were The Thanksgiving Promise, Frequency, Happy Campers, Mona Lisa Smile, Crew 2 Crew, Phantom, Den of Thieves, Samantha: America Girl Holiday, and many others. He has a grandson, Jordan Bridges, who is also a very handsome man and whose talents are also outstanding. Jordan really gets his talents from his heritage. He is shining from his own name and makes his own money by being one of the best actors today.

James Thiérrée – Grandson of Charlie Chaplin

Another apple that didn’t fall very far from the Chaplin tree is Swiss circus performer, James Thiérrée. Aside from his stunts at the circus, he is also recognized as an actor and director. His creative and mesmerizing performances on stage never fail to impress his audiences. Decades before, it was his grandfather, Charlie, who frequently took the stage as a beloved actor and personality during his time.

Being the child of famous circus performers, James probably didn’t need the help of student loans to obtain his training. He enrolled in various institutions to develop his skills, and he uses everything he learned until today. James is a proud alumna of Harvard Theater School. Today, he is a renowned singer, violinist, and circus performer. James made many investments throughout the years that he has been in the entertainment industry. He is very thankful for the amazing genes he got from his grandparents.

Ever Carradine – Granddaughter of John Carradine

Known for his performances in horror and Western Films, as well as in Shakespearean productions, John Carradine is recognized as one of Hollywood’s most prolific actors. When he was still young, John supported himself by painting before pursuing a career in the acting business. He later collaborated with John Ford and landed several roles for films like The Prisoner of Shark Island, The Grapes of Wrath The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and Stagecoach.

His granddaughter, Ever Carradine, was supposed to pursue a degree in anthropology before deciding to become an actress. She starred in films like Dead & Breakfast, Bubble Joy, Lucky 13, and Silent Bob Strike Back. Ever also persisted her way to become a good actress. She has her own family now but she will still continue to appear on TV and movies. Her family is proud of her, and she always bring with her the inspiration she has: her family.

Arabella Churchill – Granddaughter of Winston Churchill

Included in the list of the most influential figures in history, Winston Churchill is known as the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945. During World War II, he led his country to victory and did it again from 1951 to 1955. He joined the British army and became a war correspondent and writer, detailing his campaigns. His granddaughter, Arabella Churchill, maintained a close relationship with him until his death.

She then became known for her efforts to devoting herself to charities. She dedicated her investment money to the Glastonbury Festival and established the Children’s and Theater Area. In 1981, she also founded her charity, Children’s World. Her eyes are twinkling and you can see that she really has the Churchill blood. Arabella continues to support many foundations and charity. Her passion is helping children just like her family did. The family Churchill is proud of her for having the behavior and attitude to help others.

Jenna Bush-Hager – Granddaughter of George H.W. Bush

Another prominent historical figure is George H.W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. He also established his record as a politician being the 43rd Vice President of the USA, the 11th Director of Central Intelligence, 2nd Chief of the US Liaison Office to the People’s Republic of China, the former Chair of the Republican National Committee, the 10th USA Ambassador to the United Nations and former member of the US House of Representative from Texas’ 7th District.

His granddaughter, Jenna Bush Hager is now an author, news personality and journalist. She gets credit for being the co-host of Today with Hoda and Jenna. Unlike his grandfather, she ventured out on her own and never entered politics. She said that working as a journalist has been her biggest dream ever since she was young. Jenna also has a twin sister, who is an activist. They both have a love for people, and it is their passion to share their knowledge with many audiences.

Tony Goldwyn – Grandson of Samuel Goldwyn

Samuel Goldwyn was a film producer, who was also known as Samuel Goldfish. He and a few others devoted their investment money to start a partnership, naming it The Jesse L. Lasky Feature Play Company. Later on, after many conflicts and a few more changes, the brand would be called Paramount Pictures, one of the leading Hollywood studios today. His grandson, Tony Goldwyn, eventually pursued an acting career and appeared in films such as Ghost, The Last Samurai, Scandal, and even voicing for the lead role in Disney’s Tarzan.

He is also an active supporter of his arts advocacy and Hillary Clinton. Tony is a good-looking guy, and he has appeared in many movies and films. He got interested in being an actor by watching his grandfather produce and make movies. Tony went to drama school, and from there, he landed several acting roles. This career move was his breakthrough, but he is also an activist who has many advocacies.

Sky Blu – Grandson of Berry Gordy Jr.

The Motown Records would be nothing without its founder, Berry Gordy Jr. The company is still a pioneer in the music industry, being one of the highest-earning record labels in history. The label made famous artists like legends Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, the Temptations, Four Tops, Gladys Knight & the Pips.

His investment planning choices proved to be worth all the sacrifices, especially since he’s now regarded as an icon. His grandson, Sky Blu, is a singer and rapper, one half of LMFAO that popularized Party Rock Anthem, Sorry for Party Rocking and many more. Sky has produced several record albums, and each of them was a hit. Not only that he can rap well, but he is also an amazing DJ, record producer, and dancer. He is very proud of his accomplishments and what he has become. Sky’s family sure knows that he worked hard for where he is now.

Mahogany LOX – Granddaughter of Berry Gordy Jr.

Another proof that the apples from the Gordy family do not fall far from the tree is Mahogany LOX. The singer, DJ, actress, and social media sensation joined the likes of Shawn Mendes, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Jack Johnson, and Jack Gilinsky during their MAGcon tour. The group became Internet sensations because of their teenage charm and crazy antics on tour, which were frequently captured on Vine. Being related to Berry Gordy Jr. and Sky Blu earned her the musical talents that she still boasts today.

She is also maintaining her YouTube channel and releases her own songs and music videos on the famous platform. It was her granddad who named her Mahogany from a movie he produced. Mahogany is a famous YouTube star, and ever since, her interest is in vlogging. She is one of the phenomenal celebrities who has many followers on Twitter and Instagram. She also possesses sketch art talents.

Ethan Ford – Grandson of Harrison Ford

Unlike his most famous character, Han Solo, Harrison Ford is not known for his solo flights, as he has been married three times! He has five children: Benjamin, Willard, Georgia, Malcolm, and his youngest, Liam. During the recent Father’s Day, his son Ben posted a touching message for his father, including a picture of them grilling. The eldest son is a professional chef and has always thanked his father for being such a cool dad and gives him credit for inspiring him to pursue his dreams.

Ben’s son, Ethan, was also photographed while spending quality time with his grandfather at a feeding program. Harrison always makes sure to spend time with family because they are his strength. He remains in the entertainment industry and will pass down his talents and skills into his grandkids. They will sure learn a lot from him, being a renowned and one of the best actors in history.

Marley May Brosnan – Granddaughter of Pierce Brosnan

If you follow Pierce Brosnan on his Instagram account, the chances are that you know and have fallen in love with his granddaughter, Marley May. Honestly, no one can blame you, especially seeing the little girl’s sweet smile that even captured the heart of her grandfather. Marley is the daughter of Pierce’s son, actor, and filmmaker, Sean Brosnan and Sanja Banic, a film producer.

Sean has recently opened up about his struggles with drug addiction, but fortunately, things have turned around with the help of his family. Now, he’s making wiser investment planning choices and spends time with his family. No doubt that Pierce is proud of his son and loves his granddaughter dearly. Pierce said that being a grandfather is the biggest joy he achieved in his life and that his grandkids are blessings. He always posts picture with them and teaches them the value and importance of life and career.

Olivia Jane and Charlotte Bryant Hanks—Granddaughters of Tom Hanks

When Disney announced Toy Story 4, the world went crazy. Everybody loves Tom Hanks’ Woody and Tim Allen’s Buzz Lightyear. Whether you’re a real kid or one at heart, it’s impossible not to like this duo. However, it might be surprising to know that Tom Hanks’ granddaughters don’t really know about their grandpa’s fame. Their Dad, Collin, described their times as just a normal grandfather and granddaughters playmate.

Tom added that he’s the one being entertained by his grandkids and that’s probably why he loves them so much. As a cool grandfather, he must know that the most important investment is time and love for your family. He teaches her grandkids about life and career. Tom Hanks will always be there for his grandchildren, who adore him so much. This man is not only admired by many because of his talents and acting, but also his passion for his family.

Lucian Augustus and Sorin Reid Cage – Grandchildren of Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is known for being one of the best actors in Hollywood with films such as National Treasure, Con Air and Ghost Rider. He has a unique style and classic performance in Hollywood, where he was sought for in many movies. This amazing man was one of the highest-paid leading men in the world. He became a grandfather at the age of 50, when his son, Weston and his wife, Danielle, had their first baby.

However, just recently, the couple filed for a divorce and custody was given to the mother, only allowing Weston visitation. With his son’s financial troubles, the Nicolas took it upon himself to support him and his grandkids by providing the needed financial assistance. He also helped him pay their health insurance, child support, and other essential fees. No worries because his exceptional $25 million net worth can save him and his family from anything.

Dashiell Connery – Grandson of Sean Connery

As the first actor to play the famous spy, James Bond, in Dr. No, Sean Connery is already considered as one of the ultimate legends in Hollywood. Retired in 2005 and reappeared in 2012, Sean has been in countless of great films and receives credit for being a veteran actor. His only son, Jason Connery, followed his father footsteps and became an actor and director.

Years later, Jason and his wife, Mia Sara, had a son named Dashiell Connery. Talent and acting skills probably run deep in the family’s genes because Dashiell has already followed his dad and granddad’s path into the acting industry. He starred in various movies like Pandemic, Tommy’s Honour, and Clowning. Dashiell is in hiatus now but has ventured into different businesses, along with his family. After all, he does not need to work because of the investments, properties, and financial status his family made.

Taylor and Miles Hall – Grandsons of Michael Caine

People all over the world know Michael Caine because of his countless films and excellent acting skills. His stunning career spans for 7 decades, and he has been in more than 130 movies, making his credit score and net worth reach up to $75 million. The English actor had two children who were both girls. Michael loves them dearly, but he had always wanted a son.

So when his daughter, Natasha, delivered the news of two baby grandsons, he was thrilled. In an article, he shared how he would talk to his grandkids every day and calm them down when they were crying. Taylor and Miles have been his inspirations in his acting career. From his career, he made sure to have a financial advisor beside him who can help him give the best for his grandkids. Taylor and Miles always listen to their grandad’s bits of advice and share how happy they are with him.

Ella Rose Richards – Granddaughter of Keith Richards

If you’re a fan of The Rolling Stones, you can probably name more than one band member, and you would definitely know Keith Richards. The musician, songwriter, and singer is known for his musical passion and talent. Failing to earn a degree from Sidcup Art College, he devoted his life to his one true love—music. Eventually, he ended up with his bandmates and formed one of the greatest bands of all time.

Years later, his grandchild, Ella Rose Richards, decided to take on a career that diverged from his grandfather’s and pursued modeling. The young model now struts the runway and poses for fashion magazines. This fresh-faced model is rumored to be the next Cara Delevigne. Although her surname sounds rock and legend, she made her own footsteps in modeling, doing her best as one of the in-demand faces for magazines. Even though she is not into music like her family, she has her mother’s attitude and love for the boho style.

Harlow and Sparrow Madden – Grandchildren of Lionel Richie

Lionel Richie is undeniably one of the most famous icons in the music industry. At 70 years old, the singer-songwriter is still active today and performing his best hits, even featuring as a judge for American Idol with Katy Perry and Luke Bryan. Surprisingly, the music legend has a degree in economics from the Tuskegee Institute. He popularized songs such as Hello, Easy, Endless Love, All Night Long, Say You, Say Me and many more.

His remarkable music career makes him of the legends in his field where he made several investments to help his loving family. However, to his grandchildren, Harlow and Sparrow, Lionel is just their Pop Pop. No doubt that he enjoys singing to his grandkids as much as he loves singing for his fans. The love of a grandfather to his grandchildren is endless, and it does not speak of quantity but quality. Lionel makes sure that he always gives time to them no matter how busy he is.

Lula Rose Gardner – Granddaughter of Steven Tyler

Steven Tyler is one of the most notable icons in the music industry because of his talent and personality. He is most famous for being a part of the rock band, Aerosmith, that popularized songs such as I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing, Dream On, Walk This Way and many more. For people with a music career, they consider their voice their primary investment, especially if you happen to be the lead vocalist of Aerosmith.

However, Steven had to go through throat surgery in 2006. Years later, he’s still doing fine and is the grandfather of Lula Rose Gardner, the daughter of Liv Tyler. His baby granddaughter will sure have the best Pops because even with Liv, he ensured his daughter to have the best life by having many investments. Truly, Lula is one lucky baby girl to have a sweet and loving granddad who also possesses many talents in life.

Jordan Franklin and Victorie Franklin – Grandchildren of Aretha Franklin

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, has touched countless of hearts and lives through her music and social activism. She is regarded as a musical icon, but she never gets enough credit for expressing her beliefs and supporting her causes. She popularized songs such as I Say a Little Prayer, Respect, Think, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, and many more. Aretha used her music to influence change and inspire women. Her unfortunate death in 2018 made the world weep, and the music industry honored her with tributes.

The piano lessons and skills he left will always be remembered by many fans. Her grandchildren, Jordan and Victorie, spoke during her funeral and expressed their touching messages for their beloved grandmother. Aretha made some investments particularly for the two. Both Victorie and Jordan are already popular in the entertainment industry. The two appeared in many editorials and events in honor of their charming grandma.

Teresa Caltabiano – Granddaughter of Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple was known as a famous child actress from 1935 to 1938. Her cute smiles and charm were irresistible, and the audience loved her. Still, at an early age, she decided to retire at the age of 22 years old in 1950, only returning to make guest appearances. Later, she pursued a career as a diplomat for Ghana and Czechoslovakia. At age 44, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Her investment money was devoted to curing her illness. Despite her death in 2014, she was still fortunate to have seen her grandchild, Teresa Caltabiano, grow up. Now, Teresa is also a mother of three and always looks up to her grandmother. She stated that Shirley inspires her and taught her many things, including being the best mother for her children. She is very passionate about the growth of her child even she is not perfect, and she does everything she could to give her kids the best life.

J. Ashley Hyman – Grandson of Bette Davis

Bette Davis is still regarded as one of the greatest actors of all time because of her character portrayals and versatility in acting. She’s one of the few actresses who were able to transition into different roles and film genres effortlessly, and her performance would always be fantastic. She gets credit for her work in movies such as Dangerous and Jezebel, for which she won awards for Best Actress.

She was married four times and was divorced for three. She raised her children alone as a single parent. Her grandson, J. Ashley Hyman, decided to follow her footsteps into the acting business and is known for films like Family Reunion. Hyman is currently living in Florida, where he is enjoying his best life. Although he is missed in the entertainment industry, he found happiness in his family and established different investments for his them. Hyman may not continue to act but he sure has the talents on screen.

Casey LaLonde – Grandson of Joan Crawford

Joan Crawford started as a dancer for traveling theatrical companies, establishing her foundation as a performer. She attended Stephens College but did not get her degree. She later signed with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and was soon rivaling the names of famous actresses. In 1970, she retired from the acting business, but her image was still heavy with the glitter and flashes of fame and controversy.

The TV series, Feud, even dedicated its first season to portraying the backstage feud of Joan and Bette Davis. Her grandson, Casey LaLonde, provided home videos of the actress in the hopes of changing the way his grandmother was portrayed. These gave her a softer and warmer image for the viewers. Her grandmother had a good credit report and this helped Casey to continue the legacy her granny left. They were very close to each other and it saddens her when she passed away because grandma was always there for her especially in dark moments.

Brooke Bogart – Granddaughter of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall

“A whirlwind romance” is how people would usually describe Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall’s relationship. Humphrey grew up as the son of a doctor and art director, never needing to worry about home loans because of their money. Lauren started as a model before she debuted into acting as a leading lady for To Have and Have Not, where she met Humphrey Bogart. Despite their age gap, the two began to date behind the back of Humphrey’s wife.

The couple continued to go through struggles until their marriage ended, but had two children. Now, their granddaughter, Brooke, is a fashion model who instantly got her looks from her beautiful grandmother. She was not attracted to Hollywood lights because her dream is to become a renowned model. At just 19 years old, she was already a cover in Page Six magazine. Brooke does not only want to be known because of her granny but also for her talents in modeling.

Willa and Luna Flynn – Granddaughters of Jane Seymour

If you follow Jane Seymour on her social media accounts, you have probably fallen in love with her grandchildren. Willa and Luna are the frequent features of her Instagram posts. Despite her age, Jane is still pretty active and glowing and gives credit to her granddaughters for making her feel so young. She is usually seen babysitting her grandkids and spending quality time with her family.

Her Instagram account is a collection of their pictures together. Her grandchildren take up most of her photos, with their crazy antics and funny remarks about their adventures. There’s really no wonder that Jane Seymour is still loving life and having fun. Willa and Luna are very fun kids, and their grandma always enjoys her stay whenever they are present. Jane even said that what is important is the home security of kids and their future. Part of her investments is given to the two sisters whom she cherished most.

Lex Shrapnel – Grandson of Deborah Kerr

Deborah Kerr is considered as one of the finest actresses of all time, and very few actresses have measured up to her degree of versatility in the acting scene. She was never afraid of playing complex and even diverse characters that intimidated other actors. Instead, she delivered her roles with great care and elegance. She won a Golden Globe award for her performance in The King And I and received a BAFTA Honorary Award as well as from the Cannes Film Festival.

Her grandson, Lex Shrapnel, is following her footsteps; appearing in films such as Thunderbirds, Nine Lives and even the first Captain America movie. Even if Lex only appeared in several films, he continues to work on his acting skills and hopes that he will be as excellent as her grandmother. He is proud of what he has become as a multi-talented voice actor during his showbiz fame who has worked with different artists.

Katharine Luckinbill – Granddaughter of Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball is often given credit for her work as a comedian, actress, model, producer and studio executive. Her shows I Love Lucy, Life With Lucy, Here Comes Lucy, The Lucy Show and The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour were all self-produced, proving that she was a woman of great talent and dedication to her craft. For her performances, she was frequently nominated for comedy awards and earned Achievement Awards for her legacy in the comedy world.

Her awards included a Career Achievement Award, a Legacy of Laughter Award, Woman of the Year, Female Star of the Year and a Lifetime Achievement Award in Comedy. Her granddaughter, Katharine, has appeared in shows like College Debts, Captain Incredible in 2006, and Me Time With Frangela in 2018. Katharine is an exceptional actress. Although she is not active in the show business as of now, she is happily living with her family and cherishing every moment with them.

Clover Clementyne Watson – Granddaughter of Natalie Wood

At the young age of 8, Natalie Wood was already in the acting business. She debuted in Miracle on 34th Street and continued her career as a child actress. She had to obtain her education on set because she couldn’t depend on online classes before. By the age of 25, she was already recognized as a great actress because of her performances, earning three nominations for Academy Awards.

Her children followed her footsteps into the show business, pursued acting, and made different home insurance. She has a granddaughter named, Clover, after Natalie’s character in Inside Daisy Clover. The little girl’s mother, Natasha, is married to actor, Barry Watson. Both Clover’s parents are overwhelmed of her arrival. Her grandmother Natalie is sure hopeful and grateful in heaven for having such a cute and adorable granddaughter. Although Clover will not see her grandma anymore, her legacy will remain in the baby’s life and heart.

Levi Dylan – Grandson of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is one of the greatest icons in musical history. His humble beginnings started as a college dropout from the University of Minnesota, where he failed to obtain his degree even with the help of student loans. Still, he pursued his passion for music and eventually released his solo album Bob Dylan.

His stunning collection of awards includes ten Grammy Awards, a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, a Presidential Medal of Freedom and even a Nobel Prize in Literature. He is one of the very few people who have received both a Nobel Prize and an Academy Award. His grandson, Levi Dylan, is also interested in music but continues to pursue his modeling career. Levi is not far of becoming a good actor. Besides his looks, he is also a great talented man who has bigger dreams. Whatever career he will choose to work on, his family will always be there in every success he achieves.

Skip, Nico and Daniel Marley – Grandchildren of Bob Marley

Bob Marley gets credit for being one of the pioneers of reggae music. He established himself as a worldwide personality, international pop culture icon, and a legend in the music industry. He embraced his Jamaican identity and introduced his culture to the world. His music inspired spirituality and peace, making it a favorite of many around the world. Throughout his career, he was also known as an advocate of marijuana legalization and Pan-Africanism.

His grandsons, Skip and Daniel, have both pursued a musical career as singer-songwriters, while Nico has ventured into professional football. These emerging artists and athlete are here to make their grandfather proud. No matter what career they opt, their parent is always behind their back. They are happy to be enjoying the things that they desire most. Bob is surely happy seeing his grandkids in heaven, who are living the legacy and influence he left behind.

Annie Guest – Granddaughter of Janet Leigh

Janet Leigh started her career at a young age. She was only eighteen-years-old when Norma Shearer discovered her. Her debut appearance was for The Romance of Rosy Ridge with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Her other movies included Little Women, Living It Up, Angels in the Outfield, Act of Violence, Scaramouche and Naked Spur. Her daughter, Jamie Lee-Curtis, is also another great actress who frequently brings her children to red carpet events and premieres.

Janet’s granddaughter, Annie, obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and is now a dance instructor. Despite her non-showbiz career, Annie still shows that her family is a lineage of beauty, grace, and exceptional talent. She always assists her mother in different events and from there, people already see her to be in the spotlight of Hollywood. Annie is happy that many recognize her, but she also wants to do something unique and people love her for being who she is.

Brendan Wayne – Grandson of John Wayne

John Wayne is one of the most memorable figures in the film industry. He debuted as the lead role in The Big Trail, but the film didn’t do well. It wasn’t until he appeared in Stagecoach that he got his big break and since then, continued to star in 142 movies. Because of a bodysurfing accident, he was not able to obtain his pre-law degree. Still, he established himself as one of the greatest actors in Hollywood. John passed away because of gastric cancer and respiratory arrest.

He left so many legacies and impact in the showbiz world that lots of people aspire. His grandson, Brendan Wayne, has also pursued his grandfather’s acting career. He has appeared in movies and TV series such as Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Sons of Anarchy, Fast & Furious, and Cowboys and Aliens. Brendan only has a few movies, but we hope that we will see him more in the future. He still has the best investment planning that assists him and his family today.

Cary Benjamin Grant – Grandson of Cary Grant

Cary Grant was one of the top leading men during his time. His overall charm, accent, and acting skills often earned him starring roles. His family barely had investment money and he grew up with a bad childhood. In school, he was infamous for mischief and laziness. Years later, he would become one of Hollywood’s crowning jewels. He starred in films such as To Catch a Thief, North by Northwest, Notorious, and Suspicion, which were all directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

His daughter, Jennifer Grant, is also an actress. She decided to name her son, Cary Benjamin, after his legendary grandfather. He is only 12 years old, but he is the exact resemblance of his grandfather. They both look the same and her mother can see that he is the mirror of the great Cary Grant. They also wish that he becomes a great actor, should he decide to embark on a Hollywood career..

Jordan Ladd – Granddaughter of Alan Ladd

During the 1940’s and 1950’s, Alad Ladd was an actor famously known for his roles in Western and nourish films. His most notable work is Shane, directed by George Stevens. In his career, he frequently teamed up with Veronica Lake, such as in The Glass Key, The Blue Dahlia, and This Gun for Hire. He also got credit for his roles in The Great Gatsby, Two Years Before the Mast and Whispering Smith. His granddaughter, Jordan Ladd, is also an actress.

She is famous for her roles in horror films such as Cabin Fever, Death Proof, Grace, and Club Dread. She is active in the show business until now and is already a famous actress today. When she was young, she showed great interest in films because both her parents are from the entertainment industry. It also led her to have a good credit standing in the field of career, where her parents grew from.


Michael Jackson was one of the most recognizable pop icons from the ’80s, ’90s, and well into the 2000s. He was able to cultivate a successful career that’s filled with numerous recognition and awards. Jackson was also one of the highest-earning celebrities at the height of his career. His net worth at the time of his untimely passing in 2009 was reported to be around $500 million.
The most prominent Jackson Five member somewhat kept a private life when it comes to his family and loved ones. Jackson has three kids, and two of those kids are definitely “his son.” His eldest son’s name is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., and the youngest out of the three is Prince Michael Jackson II. Despite their father’s passing, they certainly won’t need to worry about needing any money loan for their future. We’re confident that “The King of Pop” left a surmountable inheritance for his kids.


Lisa Bonet is a well-known American actress who’s appeared in several television and film projects. She’s also known for her acting credit in The Cosby Show as Denise Huxtable. Lisa definitely was able to carve a relatively successful career, and it has allowed her to accumulate a decent net worth of $14 million. Off-screen, she’s known for iconic romance with Lenny Kravitz. Although they’ve gone their separate ways, both still keep in touch as they have one beautiful and incredibly talented daughter together.

Zoe Kravitz is the daughter of Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz. At first glance, you could clearly see that she and her daughter have some undeniable similarities, like their facial structure. Zoe’s also gravitated towards acting and also does a bit of modeling work on the side. At 32, she already has a net worth of $8 million, which tells us that she won’t be needing any money loan or help from her famous parents anytime soon.


Janet Jackson is one of the most prominent celebrities over the past few decades. She first rose to stardom alongside her beloved family members on the iconic television variety show The Jacksons and eventually gravitated to a successful solo career of her own. In turn, the pop star’s successful music and solo career have led her to accumulate an astounding fortune that’s worth $190 million!

Jackson is a bit different from the Hollywood stereotypes, where they’d have kids at a younger age. The pop sensation had her first child at the age of 50, to the surprise of her fans. Janet’s only child is an adorable baby boy named Eissa, who recently turned four years old, and Janet reckons that he’d soon follow in the family tradition and become a music prodigy of his own. We’re confident that Eissa won’t be needing any money loan to help him start up his own career. We’re sure that she can easily pull a few strings for him and make his road to success a bit easier.


Scott Eastwood is a model and actor who’s appeared in a good number of films over the past decade. Some of Scott’s notable acting credits came in movies like Gran Torino, Invictus, Mercury Plains, The Longest Yard, Overdrive, and several more. At the age of 35, he’s already secured a fortune that’s worth $10 million. He’s bound to increase his net worth over the next few years as he’ll be appearing in more film and television projects.

Scott is the son of the iconic actor and renowned filmmaker Clint Eastwood. At first glance, you could certainly tell the similarities and facial features that this father-son duo shares, and it is definitely interesting to see Scott follow his father’s iconic acting footsteps. Who knows, he might be able to carve out a legendary acting career for himself. Expect to see more of Scott as he’ll be appearing in films like Wrath of Man and Dangerous in 2021 and 2022.


Pat Sajak is a well-known American game show host and television personality. He is best known for hosting the iconic American television game show Wheel of Fortune. He’s received a cool 19 nominations for a Daytime Emmy Award for his role in the show, winning three of which. He’s also managed to earn millions of dollars as his annual salary from hosting the iconic game show was reported to be around $15 million. Today, he sits on a fortune that’s worth $70 million.

Sajak has a daughter who’s also managed to start a career as an entertainer. Her name is Maggie Sajak, and you could definitely tell where she got her good looks from. Besides her good looks, Maggie also has the brains as she got her college degree from Princeton. She is also a country music singer, and her music style accurately resembles Jewel and Michelle Branch. She could certainly ask for a few tips from her famous dad on how to command a crowd!


Having an infamous father like O.J. Simpson surely can’t be easy. Before all the controversy and trouble that her father got into, Sydney Brooke Simpson was simply the daughter of a well-known football player. She certainly wasn’t famous enough, but it all changed once his father was the man behind the untimely passing of Nicole Brown Simpson.
You could definitely tell that Sydney and O.J. have a few similarities when it comes to facial features. Nonetheless, all the public issues that O.J. found himself in that had a negative effect on her and her brother. She had to resort to using a fake name to protect herself from all the unwanted attention. Luckily, she was able to turn it all around and earn a bachelor’s degree in sociology from a prestigious institution. She now runs her own business in Florida and makes money from various real estate investments.


Sandra Bullock is one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood. She’s appeared in numerous television and film projects and has managed to earn a fortune that’s worth $200 million. Besides being one of the most successful and wealthiest actresses in Hollywood, Sandra is also a mother to two adorable kids, one of whom is her adorable son Louis Bardot Bullock.
Louis Bardot Bullock and Laila Bullock are Sandra’s adopted kids. She first experienced motherhood when she adopted Louis back in 2010. Although Sandra and Louis don’t share the same genes, Sandra still loves him as if he’s her real child. Louis certainly won’t have to worry about any money loan for his education or any other financial needs and get to live a comfortable life as a son of a well-known celebrity. We’re confident that Louis Bardot’s future is bright as Sandra will be able to help him achieve his goals, dreams, and aspirations.


Shaquille O’Neal was the most dominant player to ever touch a basketball. He stands at 7-feet tall and has won several individual awards and team accolades throughout his career. After his playing days, he managed to stay successful through his role in the media and various business investments. He’s one of the richest basketball figures today as he sits on a massive fortune worth $400 million.
Shaq has five kids, and one of them is a brewing basketball star named Shareef O’Neal. Shareef was able to inherit Shaq’s stature as he stands at 6-foot and 10-inches. He’s currently playing his college ball for the LSU Tigers. Who knows, he might be able to match his legendary father’s achievements and records in the NBA. Regardless, Shareef and Shaq share a pretty adorable bond. Shaq has made it clear that he’ll stand by his kids’ side and support whatever career path they choose.


Heidi Klum is one of the most recognizable personalities in the fashion and modeling industry. She was able to carve an incredibly successful modeling career that enabled her to become the first German model to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel. After her modeling career, Klum was also able to achieve considerable success in the business and entertainment industry. Today, she currently has $160 million to her name.
Klum has four kids, and one of them looks to follow her footsteps in modeling. Her name is Helene Boshoven Samuel, also known as “Leni.” She is just 16 years old, but she’s already appeared in a good number of fashion events and runway shows. She’s also incredibly popular across different social media platforms, and there’s no doubt that she is poised to be as successful as her mom in the modeling industry. However, it’ll take a good financial advisor to help her reach or equal her mom’s net worth.


Tiger Woods is one of the most successful figures in golf and sports overall. Despite all the controversies that he’s found himself in recently, one cannot take away his achievements and accolades in the sport. Tiger also took home the honors of being the highest-earning golfer of all time. He was also the highest-earning and highest-paid celebrity for several years. Today, Tiger sits on a surmountable net worth of $800 million.
Tiger has two adorable kids, and one of them is her daughter, Sam Alexis Woods. The name “Sam Alexis” is supposedly Tiger’s nod to his father as he recently revealed that his father used to call him “Sam.” Looking at Sam Alexis, you’d definitely see a good number of similarities when it comes to their facial structure and features. Sam is now thirteen years old, and she hasn’t made it clear if she wants to follow her father’s footsteps in the sport. Nonetheless, she can chase any dream she wants to, including a college degree at any prestigious institution of her choice.


Eddie Murphy has long been one of the most renowned celebrities in Hollywood. He started out as a successful stand-up comedian and quickly transitioned into becoming one of the most successful actors of all time. Eddie reportedly routinely earned $20 million per movie during the ’80s, ’90s, and 2000s. He’s easily earned a whopping $300 million in salaries as an actor and comedian, as well as his backend royalties. Besides a successful career as an actor and comedian, Eddie is also a father of seven.
One of those seven kids is Eddie’s beautiful teenage daughter named Bella Zahra Murphy. She is only 19 years old, and she’s poised to follow his dad’s footsteps in acting. She’s often been spotted together with her father, Eddie, just chatting and hanging out just as happy daughters and fathers do. We’d definitely have to give credit to the actor as he remains incredibly close and connected with all of his kids, including Bella.


Billy Dee Williams is a well-known American actor and novelist who is best known for his credit role as “Lando Calrissian” in the iconic Star Wars franchise. He first played the role back in the 1980s and continued to reprise it for nearly forty years. His last appearance in a Star Wars movie came in the 2019 film The Rise of Skywalker. He also starred in various television and film projects, and he’s made over $9 million during his career as an actor.
Williams has two children, and one of them is Corey Dee Williams. He definitely shares a ton of similarities in facial structure and features with his father. Interestingly, those similarities were enough to earn him the honor to play as his father’s double in the iconic 1983 film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi. Corey also played a few roles of his own, including “Klaatu” during Jabba’s Sail Barge scene. This father-son duo is definitely the classic case of “Like father, Like son.”


Nicole Kidman is a well-known Australian actress and producer. For numerous decades, she has been one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She’s certainly a successful actress, and her colossal net worth of $250 million is a testament to how successful she is in the industry. Off the screen, she’s been known for her romance with her former husband, Tom Cruise. Nicole has since then moved on and tied the knot with her current husband, Keith Urban.
Cruise and Kidman share two kids; one of them is Nicole’s only son named Connor Cruise. Interestingly, Nicole and Tom adopted Connor back in the 90s. Although they don’t share the same genes, Nicole has privately expressed her support for her adopted kids, including Connor. Connor, who’s now a DJ and musician, reciprocated the sentiment and said that he knows he and his mom are solid. With a famous mom and dad with astounding fortunes, Connor surely won’t need any money loan for any future endeavors!


Halle Berry is a famous American actress, beauty queen, and former fashion model. She’s best known for appearing in numerous feature films like Swordfish, X-Men, Monsters Ball, and Die Another Day. Halle has successfully cultivated a successful acting career, and she’s received several recognition and awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actress. Her accolades don’t stop in awards and nominations. She’s also one of the wealthiest actresses today, with a net worth of $90 million.
Off the screen, Halle is a mother of two kids. One of her two adorable kids is her daughter, Nahla Ariela Aubry. Nahla and Halle both have a striking resemblance when it comes to facial features, and the two have often been spotted just hanging out like what happy mother-daughter duos often do. Nahla just turned 13, which means that she’ll be making a few important decisions for her future pretty soon. Nonetheless, we’re confident that she won’t be needing any money loan for her future pursuits as her mother should be the one to vouch for her daughter’s financial needs.


Kelly Ripa is a well-known actress from New Jersey and is perhaps best known for hosting several daytime television shows, where she reportedly makes $22 million annually from it. Today, Kelly is one of the wealthiest daytime television personalities as she’s sitting on a fortune that’s worth $120 million. With an incredible net worth, Kelly can easily take care of and provide for the needs and wants of any of her three kids.
One of Kelly’s three kids is her teenage daughter, Lola Consuelos, who shares a striking resemblance to her mother and also his father, Mark Consuelos. She’s currently working on getting a college degree in music at New York University. Lola is also an incredibly popular personality in social media as she constantly posts about her daily ramblings and, of course, shares her memorable moments on her Instagram page.


Michael Jordan’s reputation as a living legend means that fans want to know everything there is to know about him. In 2020, he delivered with The Last Dance, an acclaimed docuseries that chronicled his illustrious career. However, viewers should note that this all-access feel does not include his family. Jordan, who has been twice married and a father to five children, is highly guarded regarding his personal life. His first three kids are old enough to handle their public image, but his youngest two are different.

Victoria and Ysabel are the basketball legend’s identical twin daughters to his wife, Yvette Prieto. Michael and Yvette have done an excellent job of keeping them safe by not disclosing the six-year-olds’ journey to growing up, current appearance, or even whether either of them is interested in following in Michael’s footsteps. One thing is for sure, though— one benefit of being born to famous parents is basking in their fame, while another is inheriting their investments, which will undoubtedly come in handy while growing up in luxury.


Magic Johnson is one of the most renowned basketball professionals of all eras. The 13-year Lakers star married Cookie in 1991, and their son EJ Johnson was born shortly after. Magic and EJ have an incredible connection, but their father and son relationship took too much effort to keep it going. EJ towers above everyone else— and the credit goes to his father. His rising star will soon overshadow that of his father, but his journey has nothing to do with sports.

EJ seems to be living his dreams these days. His job involves being an influencer, and he is also very proud of his abilities as a makeup artist. The young Johnson has proven that he is an irresistible force in the world. With a whopping net worth and career investments outside of his prominent family, EJ indeed learned a thing or two about being a fire-started from his dad.


If there were a match for the best daddy-daughter moments, Stephen and Riley Curry would have taken first place. Riley is Steph’s eldest daughter with his wife, Ayesha Curry, a celebrity chef and entrepreneur. Her grandfather, Dell Curry, was a professional basketball player in the past, and her uncle, Seth Curry, is a current NBA player for the Portland Trail Blazers.

Riley is no stranger to the cameras, having stolen the spotlight at her famous father’s basketball press conferences and games. The young Curry has already won the hearts of basketball fans worldwide after she made an appearance on stage during one of her father’s post-game reporter interviews. Riley’s also remembered for nailing the Nae Nae at the tender age of three, and the child has since become a worldwide online phenomenon. Over time, we are sure that she will acquire his basketball shooting skills, too. When that day comes, fans will surely be ready to give their extreme degree of support.


Fans are aware that David Bowie left a legacy. Not only do people still marvel at his music and films, but he has had two children that we all wonder about. Alexandria Zahra-Jones is the only child of the legendary icon to supermodel Iman Mohamed Abdulmajid. Jones is beautiful enough to be a model, as her mother demonstrated with her several photos. The youngster has lived a simpler, more ordinary-looking life than both of her famous parents, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

However, Jones isn’t interested in modeling or cashing in on her father’s celebrity, opting instead to indulge her passion for art and painting. With Jones’ expectation-defying family background, we are not anymore surprised. Though she exhibits the same independent spirit as her famous parents, it’s evident that this young lady is busy forging her degree.


Aissa Wayne is a lawyer and a former actress but is probably known best as the daughter of the late actor, John Wayne. Born to celebrity parents, Aissa developed an interest in acting at a young age. This came after her parents often took her to their films and television shows. In 1960, Aissa screen debuted in the medieval drama film, The Alamo, which also starred her father. The flick was a hit, winning seven citations, including an Academy Award, and earned eight more nominations.

Furthermore, Aissa made an uncredited appearance in the romantic action-adventure film The Comancheros in 1961, followed by movies such as Donovan’s Reef and Native Girl. Some of her final roles were in the 1997 documentary film John Wayne: On Board with the Duke. Besides being a lawyer, she worked as a novelist, having released her book John Wayne: My Father in 1998.


There is never a dull moment for this family! When Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, gave birth to a healthy collection of octuplets in 2009, she acquired a certain degree of fame. The overnight star had already conceived six other children via IVF at the time, giving her a total of 14 children. Suleman’s children, who range in age from nine to eighteen years old – have grown up since the famous birth of the eight. The octuplets’ features have become more distinct as they have grown older. Some of the kids have darker skin and hair, while Josiah and Noah, two sons, have light skin and blonde hair.

Sadly, the family went through a tough time with their financial problems, but it’s lovely to see that the octuplets now thrive at the age of 11. Nadya’s fans will hopefully be able to track their progress if she continues to post updates on Instagram.


Jaden Smith was born to celebrity couple Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. You might call him Hollywood royalty’s new prince, but this is one child who can hold his own in the acting world despite having such famous parents. To his credit, it didn’t take Jaden long to catch the acting gene from his mom and dad. He made his television appearance at the age of five on the WB sitcom All of Us, which his parents co-created and co-produced.

Jaden made his breakthrough movie role as his father’s son in the film The Pursuit of Happiness. Following its success, he has performed several appearances, including the blockbuster hit Karate Kid. His talent and skills did not stop there, though, as Jaden also entered the music scene. The multi-talented star made his debut in the music industry with their chart-topping hit, Never Say Never. Aside from music and acting, Jaden owns a clothing line brand, MSFTSrep.


We rarely see a celebrity kid and get taken aback by how close they look to their kin. They might have been a carbon copy of their parents when they were younger. While Richard Gere fathered his second child at 70, he has another son, Homer James Jigme Gere. He is the kid of the Pretty Woman actor to the former model, Carey Lowell. Homer began hogging the limelight at a young age, as both of his parents were well-known names in the entertainment industry. At the time of his birth, his father’s degree had spread far and wide, but his mom was famous for her modeling and acting career.

Homer prefers to keep a low profile but made many public appearances with his parents during his youth. While his origins amassed considerable wealth due to their careers in the entertainment industry, the young Gere chose to live away from Hollywood’s glitz.


Natalia Bryant is consistently receiving a lot of publicity from the national sports media. In case you did not know, she is the eldest daughter of late NBA giant Kobe Bryant and model Vanessa Bryant. Despite coming from a basketball-oriented family, Natalia prefers to play volleyball and is currently working on her sports degree.

Now, she is planning to begin her career. In reality, the young sportsman has been a middle hitter for her high school since her freshman year. Her game is noticeably good, and her family and friends readily support her in every game. The sports have also helped Natalia gain massive popularity across the internet that even The Washington Post noticed her. Natalia is growing to become a stunning adolescent who has a lot of potential as a volleyball player. She inherited the height and sports abilities from her dad, and fans are hopeful that she will continue his father’s legacy in her own way.


Kate Moss and Lila Grace Moss have just set a new norm for mother-daughter bonding. Of course, we all know Moss is a defining figure in the modeling industry, with numerous fashion campaigns under her belt throughout her nearly three-decade career. She now has her talent agency as her investment, and the model recently added her daughter’s name to one of her portfolios.

The emerging mannequin has already landed her first significant beauty advertising campaign as the new face of Marc Jacobs. They shared the cover of Vogue in 2016, which we believed to be the first time they have walked the same runway together. Lila also graced the runway for Topshop during London Fashion Week in 2017. To top it off, the supermodel-in-the-making landed ads for Chanel and Miu Miu, as well as keeping things in the family with her first cover for Dazed & Confused. Indeed, their mother-daughter goals are the epitome of the optimistic energy we need in 2021.


Jordan Ashley Aikman is no stranger to cameras. Her mother, Rhonda, is a publicist who also serves as a Fox Network commentator. Despite this, her father, Troy Kenneth Aikman, is the primary reason for her fame. In case you’re not a sports fan, you should know that Troy is a former pro football player who played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. He earned several accolades during his career, including the 1997 Walter Payton Man of the Year.

Jordan is a student-athlete who participates in a variety of sports. She is, after all, following in her father’s footsteps. The young athlete made appearances in the television series Real Sports and A Football Life. At the moment, Jordan is not doing any professional work. She is now more focused on her studies and is benefiting from her father’s investments. Her father has supported her and her sister Alexa with enough resources to live a luxurious and carefree life.


You may recognize Robert Redford from films such as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, but you may not be aware that he is the proud father of four children. Growing up under the spotlight, Amy Redford has created a degree of fame for herself. She’s been in several notable films, including Sunshine Cleaning, Maid in Manhattan, and Hate Crime. Redford has also had some achievements as a producer and director. In fact, she made an episode from the docuseries Aperture and made her directorial debut with Guitar. Not to mention, she produced and directed the short film Everyday People in 2016.

Redford thrived in the film industry as the daughter of American cinema’s most influential figure. Furthermore, her list of achievements is remarkable. Her goal in her current position as President of Production at Ground Seven Entertainment is to create a legacy and preserve the one her father would leave behind.


Living the luxurious life as a child of not one, but two major country music stars isn’t something you should altogether avoid. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s fans will certainly not be surprised to hear that their eldest daughter has some pipes! Gracie is the eldest child of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. She attended New York University for her undergraduate degree before entering the film industry.

She recorded a duet with her father for the song Here Tonight, which appears on McGraw’s 2015 album Damn Country Music. The young McGraw performed a live duet with her father at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville the same year. Long before she caught the public’s eye, Gracie taught herself to play the guitar, and in high school, she founded an all-female alt-rock band, Tingo. Additionally, you can see clips of her singing on her Instagram. Her excellent vocals wowed everyone, as shown on her cover of The Wizard and I. It’s no wonder that Gracie can sing, after having two vocally-talented parents to pass on the genes.


While we best know her as Mary Ingalls in the drama series Little House on the Prairie, Melissa Sue Anderson is a proud mother of two. Of course, by now, her kids are adults. It’s worth mentioning that Piper Sloan, her daughter, has grown into a lovely lady with a passion for helping people.
Here are a few facts about her! The celebrity child received her degree in International Relations from American University and a Masters from the same school. Piper now works as a program specialist for the American Society of Hematology, where she appears to be knowledgeable in program creation and public speaking. Piper has raised money for numerous causes throughout her professional career. She lives a private life away from the cameras, much as her mother has for the past few years. As for her mom, Melissa’s most recent television role was in the 2018 film The Con is On, and she appears to be ageless. We wonder if Piper has also inherited her mom’s eternal youth!


We probably recognize her as Blaire Warner on the popular sitcom Facts of Life, but Lisa Welchel is more than just an iconic actress. When she’s not busy being in fron of the camera, the star takes time to bond with her three lovely children: Clancy, Tucker, and Haven. Given their early exposure to the world of showbiz, it did not comes off as a surprise when Clancy decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career as an actress. The mother of three didn’t go out of her way to keep her youngest daughter from paving her own Hollywood path, but she was firm in her standards. Following Lisa’s rules, Clancy studied hard and graduated with a four-year science degree in just two years.

Recently, Lisa wanted someone to play her daughter when she signed on for her latest TV series, Hearts of Spring— someone who has the perfect chemistry with her and resembles her just fine. Fortunately, Lisa had the right actress in mind: Clancy, her real-life 23-year-old daughter. Let’s get this straight; they imitate each other, and they have a similar tone, so there is indeed undeniable chemistry.


Ellen Pompeo is one of the most versatile actresses in the entertainment industry. She starred in several films in the past, including Coming Soon, Daredevil, and Life of the Party. However, the star gained further prominence for her acting credits in the ongoing medical television series Grey’s Anatomy. She has been donning the lead role of Meredith Grey since 2005 and has received several accolades for her performance. Just like her character on the show, Pompeo has found her happily-ever-after. She met Chris Ivery back in 2003 when both bumped into each other at a grocery store. Before jumping into anything serious, Ivery and Pompeo began a friendship that eventually budded into a relationship. The couple tied the knot in 2007 and have been together since.
Pompeo and Ivery share three children named Stella, Sienna, and Eli. Now, her eldest daughter Stella is the spitting image of her father. It also seems like she inherited a lot of her mom’s charm.


Almost everyone knows Kevin Bacon. Over the years, he has established quite an extensive acting career for himself. Some of his early acting credits came from films such as Friday the 13th, Footloose, Sleepers, A Few Good Men, and Tremors. Beyond the big screen, Kevin appeared in several television programs, like The Following and I Love Dick. On another note, he tied the knot with fellow actor Kyra Sedgwick in September of 1988. They have been inseparable ever since and are considered to be one of Hollywood’s strongest couples. They welcomed their son Travis in 1989 and their daughter Sosie in 1992.
Sosie went on to follow in her parents’ footsteps into the acting scene. She starred in a couple of movies and TV shows, which include Charlie Says, Scream, and Narcos: Mexico. Other than acting chops, Sosie inherited her father’s gorgeous genes, sharing the same smile and eyes. It’s safe to say, then, that the future is bright for Kevin’s little girl.


Jessica Simpson rose to fame with the release of her hit single I Wanna Love You Forever from her 1999 debut album Sweet Kisses. She was the new It girl alongside the likes of fellow singers Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. Not to mention, the overnight star appeared in several films and television shows during the height of her career, including The Love Guru, The Ashlee Simpson Show, and The Price of Beauty. Aside from her successful stint in the entertainment industry, Simpson ventured into the world of business. She poured investments into her fashion line called The Jessica Simpson Collection. Career was not the only thing that this celebrity seems to have nailed down, though. As it turns out, Simpson is also quite lucky in the love department. She has been with Eric Johnson since 2010, and they had tied the knot in 2014.
The loved-up pair welcomed their first child, Maxwell Drew, in 2012. She was soon followed by a son named Ace Knute in 2013 and their youngest Birdie in 2019. In case you’re wondering, the couple’s eldest daughter Maxwell looks almost like her mother’s younger self. The eight-year-old inherited her mom’s eyes and adorable smile, so now, we can’t wait to see if she also gained either Simpson’s nightingale voice or her acting chops.


Tom Selleck is, no doubt, one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. He has been around since the ’70s and has starred in a myriad of films and television shows throughout his career. Some of his notable acting credits come from movies, including Concrete Cowboys, Three Men and a Baby, and Killers. He also appeared in several television programs such as Judd for the Defense, The Young and the Restless, The Streets of San Francisco, Friends, and The Closer. Despite his busy work schedule, Selleck was able to find himself a happily-ever-after with Jillie Joan Mack. The couple tied the knot in August of 1987 and welcomed their daughter Hannah the following year.
Hannah grew up to choose a different life path than that of her father’s. She is a well-known professional equestrian and is a champion in her field. One needs not to take a closer look to say that Hannah is the spitting image of her mother.


Marie Osmond is best known for being a member of the musical family group The Osmonds. She rose to fame after the release of her 1973 country hit single Paper Roses. Down the line, the celebrity went on to become a country star and launched several albums, including In My Little Corner of the World, This is the Way That I Feel, and Who’s Sorry Now. Along with her brother Donny, she co-hosted their television variety show titled Danny & Marie from 1976 up until 1978. The star later had her very own variety show called Marie, which ran for seven episodes. In 1986, Marie tied the knot with Brian Blosil. Their marriage bore two children named Rachel and Matthew. Unfortunately, Marie and Brian decided to lawyer up and went their separate ways in 2007.
The former couple’s daughter Rachel is a carbon copy of Marie. They share the same lustrous brunette hair, bright eyes, and dazzling smile. As it turns out, the mother and daughter duo share similar personalities as well.


The only child of actress Heather Locklear and guitarist Richie Sambora, Ava Sambora, has been quite active in Hollywood. She is the third generation in the family that became involved in the entertainment industry. Her grandma Diane was a production executive, while her grandpa Bill was an administrator at UCLA. She is strikingly similar to her grandma, based on photos of both of them. To add, the youngster inherited her mother’s gorgeous looks. Sambora followed the footsteps of both her parents, and throughout the years, they have been supportive of her through making investments in her upbringing
Ava Sambora made her career start in 2012 when she starred in This is 40 in a minor role. She subsequently starred in TV series and films such as Good Luck Charlie, Fresh Off The Boat, Mommy Be Mine, and SummerBreak. Recently, she starred in the 2020 movie A Dark Foe.


Ella Travolta has been a great addition to the Travolta acting family. Both her parents, John and the late Kelly Preston, are highly successful actors. From John’s side, her grandfather was once a football player and became heavily involved in the tire business via partnerships and investments, while her grandmother was heavily affiliated with art and entertainment. Like her father and his siblings, Ella followed in her grandma’s footsteps in acting. She even inherited both her grandmother and her father’s good looks.
Ella Travolta has been involved in some of her father’s recent films. In 2019, she starred alongside her dad in The Poison Rose. Her latest project is the YA movie Get Lost, which is a reimagining of  Alice in Wonderland. Many outlets in the industry are looking for Ella as the new torchbearer of the Travolta name in the coming years.


Like her father before her, Bryce Dallas Howard has followed her grandpa’s footsteps into acting. The Howards started their involvement in showbiz via Bryce’s grandparents, Rance and Jean, who were actors during their days. Currently, Bryce is the third generation of the family, alongside her brother Cliff, to have been involved in acting. Bryce bore a lot of similarities with her grandparents, especially Rance’s squinty eyes and Jean’s cheeks and lips. This seems to explain her uncanny resemblance to her father as well.
Bryce Dallas Howard has been a successful actress and director in her own right. She became known for her early collaborations with director M. Night Shyamalan, which led to her big break in Lady in the Water. Other films she starred in include the Jurassic World series, Pete’s Dragon, and As You Like It. Recently, she also began directing with works to her credit, including the documentary Dads and two episodes of the sci-fi series The Mandalorian.


Son of pop superstar Cher, Chaz Bono has been quite outspoken and active in both showbiz and LGBT rights. His grandfather, John Sarkisian, was a truck driver, while his grandmother, Georgia Holt, was an actress and a model. As Cher became influenced by her mother, Chaz became influenced by his parents. He bears a lot of resemblance to his grandma and mom, sharing the same high cheekbone and gorgeous nose.

Chaz first became known through his appearance on his parents’ show The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour. He embarked on a modestly successful music career. Initially coming out as a lesbian in 1995, Chaz became a trans man in 2010. Throughout his later life, he became an ardent advocate for LGBT rights, often writing and making investments towards organizations such as Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD. Much like his mother, Chaz is considered to be one of the LGBT community’s iconic advocates.


When Apple Martin was born in May 2004, it became a national news sensation in America. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin had been quite secretive about Paltrow’s pregnancy during that time. This fueled a lot of speculation among fans of the already famous couple. It goes without saying that beautiful genes run in the family. Putting them both together, Apple is the spitting image of her mother. She seemed to have inherited her mom’s slender features, including her lustrous hair, blue eyes, and overall gorgeousness.
While she is still growing up, Apple has been quite involved in her mother’s business venture, Goop. Goop was started back in 2008 and has since grown into a multi-million dollar business. From investments and high sales, Goop is valued at $250 million. Apple has been a fan of the company and even had her recent appearance on the fourth season of the company’s miniseries on Netflix.


While she became among the most influential hip hop artists out there, Lil’ Kim still managed to become a mother. Her daughter, Royal Reign, was born back in 2014. Immediately, people began to see the newborn’s likeness to her mother. Now, at age six, it is quite certain that Royal has inherited her mother’s good looks. Lil’ Kim is not shy about showing her daughter and is proud of her motherhood.

Despite her young age, Royal has been involved in her mom’s work. In 2019, she promoted her mother’s latest album, 9, via a cute video on Instagram. According to interviews with Lil’ Kim, she said that her daughter is a ‘super superstar’ and is not shy about posting her dance videos on her social media. Lil’ Kim has certainly made investments towards her daughter’s future, hoping she follows her footsteps in music.


Already becoming like her father, Jaleel White, in style, Samaya White has been quite ready to showcase her acting skills. The 11-year-old is essentially a mini-me of White, especially when the father and daughter are put together. She has taken cues from her father, who became known for his role as Steve Urkel in the sitcom Family Matters. This is evident in her appearance alongside him when they hosted the web series Top 50 2020 Memes in 2020. Videos of the series posted on Instagram are well-received, with commenters noticing their quirky performance.

Samaya White is not shy about posting on Instagram through her father’s account. They are often seen doing activities and enjoying quite a lot on their many posts. Not a week passes by without the father and daughter posting on IG. All in all, Samaya is quite promising, and her father ensures that she is well-taken care of by making investments through her upbringing.


Being one of the greatest tennis players of all time, Serena Williams has her schedule always full to the brim. However, the tennis champion still managed to venture into motherhood. She welcomed her beautiful daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., in 2017. Olympia is the daughter of Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Considered to be Serena’s mini-me, Olympia is the spitting image of her mother, with some of her father’s good looks. The mother-and-daughter-duo share the same nose and smile.

Now at the young age of three, Olympia has been quite active on social media. She often joins her mother in numerous ads and videos, usually posted on her Instagram, which is co-managed by her parents. Recently, she and Serena starred for a line of footwear by fashion brand Stuart Weitzman. Indeed, the couple’s love and investment for the child is unconditional and plentiful.


Daughter of superstars Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has been intensely followed by pretty much everybody throughout her life. She was the first biological child of the couple branded as Brangelina. Shiloh bears a lot of resemblance to her mom, specifically her face shape and lips. She was always seen in public in a masculine appearance and attires, which attracted attention from many outlets about her gender identity. Her mother reportedly said that Shiloh calls herself John or Peter, which may indicate her affinity towards masculinity. Because of these, she became an icon for LGBT youth for her chic and bold fashion statement.

As the child of juggernauts in Hollywood, Shiloh has already been making big bucks not just for herself but for her family. Just after she was born, media outlets sought to purchase photos of the newborn. The couple eventually sold them for $4.1 million, which they said was given to a charity as an investment.


Damian Hurley has been following his mother’s footsteps quite well. He is the son of actress and model Elizabeth Hurley and the late film producer Steve Bing. Already, he is compared to his mother due to his close resemblance, with the only difference in his nose, which came from his father. When the mother and son are put together, they can be mistaken as siblings. Throughout his life, Damian is a mama’s boy, as he is personally very close to her.
Damian first made his career start in 2016 by starring in the E! series The Royals, where he portrayed Prince Hansel von Lichtenstein. Aside from acting, he also began to dabble into fashion by signing on with model agency Tess Management in 2018. Recently, he posed alongside model Irina Shayk for a photoshoot by makeup brand Pat McGrath Labs.


Hip hop star Eminem is one of the most influential icons in the music industry. He rose to stardom back in the nineties, and in about 20 songs that he has written, features his daughter Hailie Jade. This just shows the world how much she loves her daughter. She is all grown up and is succeeding on the career path of her choosing.

The 25-year-old celebrity kid is making quite a name for herself as a social media influencer with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram. Hailie’s content is mainly about the places she’s traveled to, her fitness regime, her health, and her wellness routine. Her favorite, however, will have to be fashion and makeup. After all, she is primarily a beauty influencer. Now, you might want to give her dad credit for all her success, but she has never used her father’s name to get ahead in her career. In fact, Eminem is never shown on Hailie’s social media platforms, and the same goes for Eminem, so it might have been a father-daughter decision.


One of Hollywood’s biggest and most sought-after power couple, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, might have gone their separate ways, but their union gave them the greatest gift in life— their baby girl, Suri Cruise. Katie gave birth to Suri before the former couple got married. This girl is all grown up now, and she looks like the spitting image of her mom, Katie.

Suri was born in Santa Monica, California, on April 18, 2006. The 14-year-old’s relationship with her dad is not the same as it was when Tom and Katie were still married. Back then, Tom was involved in his daughter’s life, seeming to enjoy fatherhood. Right now, their relationship is estranged. They are rarely seen together. After all, Suri lives with her mom. In 2019, the Mission Impossible star was trying to keep a close bond with Suri despite him being busy with his career, as it takes on new heights with the movie sequel for the old blockbuster Top Gun. With Tom’s jaw-dropping net worth of $570 million, and Katie’s $25 million, Suri will undoubtedly have property investments under her name. Still, nothing can compare to a parent’s unconditional love, so we hope to see the rift fixed between the father-daughter tandem soon.


American rapper, Sean John Combs, famously known as P. Diddy, is one of the most popular musicians in the industry. He may be at the top of his game career-wise, but he is also doing a great job as a father of six to Quincy Taylor, Justin Dior, King, Chance, D’Lila Star, and Jessie James.

On June 4, 1991, Quincy Taylor was born in Columbus, Georgia. He was the offspring of the late model KImberly Porter and Albert Joseph Brown III. At three years old, Quincy’s mother started dating Sean, and he eventually adopted little Quincy, raising him as his own. Quincy is now an American actor and singer. In 2015, he starred in the movie called Brotherly Love. As of 2021, he has a net worth of $4 million, his father, Sean, must have taught him a thing or two about financial planning.


Celebrity child Naviyd Ely Raymond is the R&B sensation Usher’s second son with his former wife Tameka Foster, who is a humanitarian and a fashion stylist. This mini Usher was born on December 10, 2008, a year after the birth of his older brother, Usher V. He only weighed 5 pounds and 13 ounces. Naviyd is looking more and more like his dad every day, in our opinion. Just a quick fact about this celebrity child: Naviyd’s first name is a variation of the word “Naveed” which means “Good News” in Persian. After all, he is his parents’ bundle of joy.

Usher, the Grammy winner, has sold over 10 million records, making him one of the most successful singer-songwriters in the entertainment industry. Now, he has a whopping net worth of over $180 million, so he must have a great credit score in banks all over the United States. Naviyd is one lucky kid, as he might even grow up following in the footsteps of his old man.


Brooklyn Joseph Beckham is one of the most famous celebrity kids in the entertainment industry. He is the eldest son of the most admired power couple, former football superstar David Beckham, and nineties music icon turned fashion designer Victoria Beckham. The loved-up pair is lucky to have a son who is destined to be just as famous as them! In fact, Brooklyn is paving his way to the top as a model and an amateur photographer. People are beginning to notice his own personal talents that are somewhat different from his athletic dad but are sort of similar to his mom, who is currently one of the biggest names in the fashion industry.

This rising superstar was born on March 4, 1999, at The Portland Hospital in London. Brooklyn is simply his dad’s mirror image, as he is just as dashing, too. The young stud has started capturing the hearts of women everywhere with his pretty brown eyes. However, Brooklyn only has his sights set for one girl— the love of his life, Nicola Peltz. They have been head over heels for each other and have been engaged since 2019. We are hoping to hear the wedding bells soon enough! He may only be 222 years old, but as of 2020, he already has a jaw-dropping net worth of $10 million. His parents must be teaching him how to take care of his monetary assets by hiring a financial advisor. Brooklyn will definitely need it now that he’s about to be a family man!


One of America’s biggest socialites and media personalities, Kourtney Kardashian, is already a mother to three gorgeous kids: Mason Dash, Penelope Scotland, and Reign Aston Disick.

TikTok has become extremely popular these days, and Kourtney’s daughter, Penelope, seems to be turning into a TikTok star. She stormed the social media platform with a reenactment of her mother’s iconic line from the reality television show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. This 8-year-old is out to become popular, just like her mom. To give a brief background about this breakout TikTok star, Penelope was born on July 8, 2012, at the greatest place to be when you want to be successful in the entertainment industry— Los Angeles, California. As of 2019, she already has a net worth of $10 million, earning $10 thousand per episode on the reality show at the tender age of six. On top of this gleaming figure, Penelope surely must have property investments from her parents already.


Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are the ultimate power couple. They are one of Hollywood’s most incredible long-term couples. Their history goes way back to the nineties, on the set of That 70’s Show. Down the line, this reel-to-real pairing brought forth daughter Wyatt and son Dimitri into the world.

In October 2014, Wyatt was born. Her folks, who were head over heels for each other, got married in July 2015. Ashton and Mila are both hands-on parents dedicated to their family’s routine. As a result, Wyatt learned how to speak three different languages by the time she was almost three years old. Credits should go to her mother, Mila. Did you know that the actress speaks and understands English, Russian, and Spanish? These kids are lucky to have outstanding and talented parents, in our opinion. On top of their skills, Ashton and Mila have a combined net worth estimated at around $275 million, with properties everywhere. Fame, fortune, family – our favorite couple seems to have it all!


The whole world was shocked when the long-term couple Josh Duhamel and Fergie separated after being together for 17 years. However, these two have nothing but absolute respect and love for each other despite them splitting up. Their love brought a wonderful baby boy into their lives— Axl Jack Duhamel. Fergie gave birth to him on August 29, 2013.

For the former couple, communication is key. After all, they need to stay in touch for the sake of their child. The 46-year-old Fergie has a staggering net worth of $45 million, and the 48-year-old Josh has a net worth of $18 million. They used to own a house together in Los Angeles, California. In 2018, Josh bought and moved into his dream bachelor pad at Encino after his split with the Black-Eyed Peas member. The property was worth $2.65 million, but given his wealth, the star must not have needed any mortgage in getting this property.


Hollywood’s A-list power couple, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, are one of the best relationships that bloomed before our eyes through the years. They have been married since 2013, and to this day, they are still inseparable. In fact, their union gave them two wonderful kids. Their daughter Luna is already four years old, and their adorable little boy, Miles, is two years old.

In case you’re wondering, Miles Theodore Stephens was born on May 16, 2019. His name was inspired by the amazing Miles Davis, of whom his parents are fans of. As you can, this adorable kid is a mirror image of his dad. When the little one turned two, his family threw him a car-themed birthday party at home. Miles brings so much joy to their household that it only fits he gets the best celebrations that money can buy. Their family of four is really livening up the social media platform as they share snippets of them enjoying each other’s company all the time. On a completely different note, John and Chrissy have a jaw-dropping net worth of $50 million. They must be consulting with a financial advisor every now and then to protect their assets on top of having to save for their children’s future.


Megan Denise Fox is one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood. She is not only a star-studded model, but she is also an amazing actress that has starred in numerous blockbuster films such as Jennifer’s Body, Transformers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Her latest film was the action movie called Rogue, which was released in September 2020. However, her successful career in the entertainment industry is just one of the things she has been so proud of. Megan has been happily married to the love of her life, fellow actor Brian Austin Green, since 2010. He is famous for his portrayal of David, one of the characters from the renowned television series 90210. The alluring actress has built a home with him, raising three promising kids named Bodhi Ransom, Noah Shannon, and Journey River Green. They must all have property investments under their names at this point, given how the kids have celebrity parents who earn hundreds of thousands per paycheck.

Noah is the firstborn of the celebrity couple, and he is already eight years old. Being the child of famous parents means that he has been in the spotlight from the moment he was born. Megan gave birth to him on September 27, 2012— and life for Noah hasn’t been dull since. This little boy is becoming more and more popular every day because of his fascination with clothes. He dresses himself up, too, wearing feminine pieces. His parents are very supportive of him, so who knows? He might even take on a career path in the fashion industry someday.


American singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera is one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. She has won five Grammy Awards, and already has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To this day, the artist is still an extremely influential celebrity with a massive fan following. Christina has only been married once, and this was with Jordan Bratman. Their union only lasted from 2005 to 2011, but it gave her a son named Max Liron Bratman.

Christina is now with the 34-year-old Matthew Rutler, and they have been engaged since 2014. Despite having moved on, Christina made sure to make blended families work with her ex-husband. They even celebrated Max’s 12th birthday as a family, with Christina posting a photo of them together. Luckily, the Beautiful singer now has a healthy relationship with her former flame, which is quite rare, especially among celebrities. Currently, Max lives with Christina in a Beverly Hills mansion. The pop music icon must have the best home security system installed in her house. After all, she makes her child’s safety a priority.


Television personality, actress, and model, Amber Levonchuck is famously known as Amber Rose. She used to be married to one of the greatest rappers in the entertainment industry, Wiz Khalifa. However, their marriage only lasted from 2013 to 2016. The union gave them an adorable baby boy named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Their little bundle of joy was born on February 21, 2013. Shortly after the birth of Sebastian, Khalifa jumped back to work and recorded a studio album called Blacc Hollywood featuring a fellow rapper, Juicy J.

Sebastian, for most of his time, is either basking in the warmth of the sun in Los Angeles, California, or enjoying the peace and quiet at Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. With Khalifa’s whopping net worth of $45 million and Amber’s $12 million, one thing remains certain: little Sebastian, who is already eight years old, will not be needing loans to live a full and happy life. As he grows older, he is looking more and more like his old man, but we have yet to see if he also inherits Khalifa’s talent in music.


Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck’s union was probably the biggest Hollywood couple moment out there. If you’ve been following the press about their relationship, then you must remember that the pair began dating back in 2004. This former couple tied the knot in 2005 and have been married for ten years before they officially separated in October 2018. Despite the unexpected end of their romance, Ben and Jen’s union brought three wonderful kids into their lives, and they have been co-parenting since they split up. Their eldest is Violet Garner Affleck, who is practically a teenager. Next is Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Garner Affleck, who is already in middle school. Lastly, their youngest and only son, Samuel Garner Affleck.

If you ask us, the 9-year-old boy looks just like his dad. Ben and Jennifer might not have had the best relationship, but they have always been such great parents to their kids. Not to mention, Jennifer has always been a hands-on mom. With Ben and Jennifer’s whopping net worth of $230 million, they must have property investments allotted for each of their kids.


The Since U Been Gone singer, Kelly Clarkson, rose to stardom after winning the first season of American Idol back in 2002. After the show, she immediately signed a record deal with RCA. Kelly also topped the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States when her debut single, A Moment Like This, came out. Naturally, it was the best-selling single in the country that year. Because of her immense talent, the powerhouse singer won not one but two Grammy Awards already— and she is only 38 years old! This ever-so-talented celebrity did not just hit the jackpot in her career. For the singer, her greatest success was giving birth to two lovely kids, whom she just adores. Kelly enjoys motherhood just as much as she enjoys being one of the world’s best musicians. The pioneer American Idol had her children with her former husband Brandon Blackstock, to whom she has been married since 2013 up to 2020. Her daughter, River Rose, is already six years old while her son, Remington Alexander, has turned 4.

Kelly loves her daughter so much that she even wrote a children’s storybook for her, titled River Rose and the Magical Christmas. It was published back on October 24, 2017. Kelly is, without a doubt, one of the coolest moms out there. Other than having a book character named after her, River Rose is now rocking a purple streak on her hair— credits to her mom, who dyed it for her.


Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr and The Lord of The Rings actor Orlando Bloom’s marriage might have been one of the most controversial and messy unions Hollywood has ever seen. Like a lot of celebrity couples, their marriage was short-lived. It only lasted from 2010 to 2013. However, no matter how unfortunate their relationship was, this pair gave life to an adorable baby boy, Flynn Christoper Blanchard Copeland Bloom.

The 10-year-old boy is the spitting image of his mom, Miranda. Ever since Flynn’s parents separated, Miranda and Orlando are working on co-parenting effectively, and they are doing a splendid job of juggling Hollywood commitments with taking good care of their kid. Flynn has the insurance from his parents that he will not be taken for granted despite their separation. Now, the former couple is now on better terms. In fact, Miranda even congratulated Katy Perry and Orlando upon the arrival of Daisy Dove Bloom, who is Flynn’s half-sister.

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