Before the crime series NCIS made it a household name, many viewers were glued to their TV screens watching the show JAG. Those same viewers probably remember its series finale as gratifying as that of The Sopranos or student loans. People wanted to know if either Mac or Harm were willing to give up their careers for each other. If you loved the show back when it still aired, then this list is just for fans like you. We got all the latest news on your beloved JAG cast members, including their love lives, so read on!


The handsome Petty Officer First Class Jason Tiner is hard to miss when you are busy reminiscing about this show. After all, he’s one of the top personalities in the series and crucial to the backbone of the story. Maybe his name or his face may not mean anything to you either, especially since he continued to Officer Candidate School after claiming his degree in law school.

After his long run portraying the role of Petty Officer Tiner on the show, the blue-eyed heartthrob took on the part of Renny Jacobsen in the scary film The List. He may not have the longest list of movie projects compared to some of his peers in the industry, but if you haven’t had enough of him yet, you could find him in the comedy-drama series Shameless in the role of Dan. He’s currently in his early 50s, and it looks like he’s still not yet done to make a statement in the industry.


Light-haired charmer Karri Turner takes credit for portraying the role of Lieutenant Harriet Sims on the show. When she wasn’t on camera, she was also a remarkable comedienne who had put on acts for American troops while sharing the stage with fellow comedians Michael MacDonald and Kathy Griffin, finishing 13 USO tours in total. She really knows her craft and it seems like the actress is already on pace to make a lasting piece with her comic stint.

However, it would take a long time for her to match the influence that she got from the biggest project under her belt. When JAG ended in 2005, Turner later took on a credit role in the 2009 comedy film Hurricane in the Rose Garden and also made several cameos in other TV shows like Heroes. When she wasn’t performing, she collaborated with the National Guard Youth Challenge Program and the American Freedom Foundation.


The whole plot of the show wouldn’t be complete without the actor, David James Elliott’s help, considering that he was one of the main characters of the program. When his time as Harm or Captain Harmon Rabb Jr. on the show ended, Elliott pursued his acting career further. He played the role of a football star with seemingly poor insurance in the TV drama movie The Man Who Lost Himself, alongside his previous co-star and spouse Nanci Chambers.

After his performance in the film mentioned above, Elliott also took on leading roles in the legal drama series Close to Home, The Guard, and CSI, as well as the period drama show Mad Men. His work isn’t only limited to the small screen; he also appeared in the 2015 film Trumbo as John Wayne. His career simply went to an upscale proportion, as expected from an actor of his caliber.


Many people would agree that the actor, Patrick Labyorteaux is specifically born to be part of show business. After all, he already made a couple of projects during his childhood in a number of uncredited films and TV shows. In fact, he used to play Andrew “Andy” Garvey, from 1977 up until 1981 on Little House on the Prairie, before he joined JAG a couple of years later.

The man behind the role of Captain Bud J. Roberts seemed to disappear after the show ended, but it’s only because actor Patrick Labyorteaux committed his artistic efforts behind the camera, lending his voice to cartoon characters like on the animated show Spider-Man: The Animated Series. Labyorteaux was also the creative mind behind the Nick at Nite TV series See Dad Run together with his wife Tina Albanese. He also managed to grant his credit role as Captain Bud a proper farewell when he appeared twice in JAG’s spin-off drama series NCIS.


Scott Lawrence got his career soaring higher than your student loans when he came on to the show as Commander Sturgis, which he played from 2001 up until season 10 of the show that aired in 2005. His stunning performance in the program earned him the respect and exposure he needed to give him a little bit of push in his acting career. After the series ended, he was cast as the crew chief in the film Avatar that was directed by James Cameron.

He also appeared in the movie The Social Network in the role of Maurice. JAG may have ended, but that doesn’t stop Lawrence from appearing in its spin-off series NCIS, reprising his role in the Season 8 episode entitled A Man Walks Into a Bar… He also starred in Star Trek: Into Darkness and Star Trek: Voyager. In case you don’t know, Lawrence also worked in a couple of video games, specifically in the Star Wars franchise.


Zoe McLellan took on the role of Officer Jennifer “Jen” Coates on the show. Her character’s tragic backstory was essential for the series and that’s what made her one of the crowd favorites at the time. She went on to play for the program for more than 60 episodes – that means she’s part of the integral script from the 7th season up until the 10th.

Still, this stunner didn’t take long to unveil her sexy side when she portrayed art dealer Lisa George, who’s made a number of investments in several artworks, in the ABC primetime drama series Dirty Sexy Money. Just like her JAG co-stars, McLellan made an appearance on the New Orleans edition of NCIS but as former NCIS Supervisory Special Agent Meredith Brody. Aside from these shows, she also made several cameos in other TV shows like House and The Mentalist. Her latest is Designated Survivor, along with Kiefer Sutherland.


Randy Vasquez took the role of Tiner’s rival, Gunnery Sergeant Victor Galindez on JAG, but just because the show ended didn’t mean that we already saw the last of Vasquez. He made a cameo credit in CSI: Miami as dodgy restaurant owner Arthur Martinez and also appeared in Bosch as Chief Deputy Lou Escobar of the LA District Attorney’s prosecution branch.

Vasquez is not only an actor; he also tried his hand at filmmaking, as seen in his 2005 directorial debut in the comedy-drama thriller Dangerous Perceptions, which he directed along with co-star Dawn Grabowski. This pointed out that Vasquez is not only considered an elite actor but also showed excellent skills at handling scenes and stuff behind the sequences. During the latter part of the 2010s, he decided to track back his studies and returned to UCLA to finish his course in American Indian Studies. As a nod to his field, of course, he directed the documentary The Thick Dark Fog.


Steven Culp took on the role of CIA deputy director Clayton Webb on the show. He appeared in more than 40 episodes that spanned from the 2nd season of the series up until the 10th. At the time, he became one of the surprising characters in the bunch because of the constant plot twists that surrounded his character. In fact, his character used to be subjected to a couple of fake scenes that took audiences off-guard.

His fashion sense was keener than a lawyer’s sense of justice. However, when the show ended, he followed his several co-stars who appeared on NCIS. He took on the role of Commander William Skinner. He also worked on the NBC TV series The West Wing as Speaker of the House Jeff Haffley and a couple of other TV shows. Culp became a household name when he was cast in the beloved TV show Desperate Housewives as Bree Van de Kamp’s first and late husband Rex.


The Canadian-born actress Nanci Chambers portrayed the role of junior attorney Lieutenant Loren Singer on the show JAG, but her character as Lt. Singer later died and was found in the woods by a boy sometime after the revelation of her pregnancy. Chambers’ role often clashed with some of the most notable characters in the series, but she still showed her good side although occasionally. She appeared in 40 episodes of the show, from the 5th to the 8th season after.

Chambers has been in a relationship with her on-screen co-star David James Elliott, to whom she was wed in 1992. Aside from her work on JAG, she also appeared in an episode of the TV series Ghost Whisperer as Terry and in the 2005 TV film The Man Who Lost Himself together with her husband, Elliott. In the past couple of years, Chambers has been out of action and currently enjoys life away from the limelight.


English actor Paul Collins took on the role of US Secretary of the Navy Alexander Nelson on the show, but he may not be as memorable as the other stars that we already mentioned on this list. After all, he only appeared in the program for a total of 32 episodes and his role was replaced by Dean Stockwell in the 8th season of the series. This wasn’t his only role in the series, though, as he also portrayed Secretary of War John Spencer and Mort Reese.

After the show wrapped up in 2005, Collins did not stop acting as he continued to work with both film and TV, taking credit for the appearances that he made in Boston Legal, The West Wing, and Sons of Anarchy. He also played a substantial voice role in the hit action-adventure game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence in 2004 and 2005 respectively, as the CIA Director.


Fans of the series may remember Michael Bellisario for playing the part of Midshipman Third Class Michael Roberts, but they tend to forget and may not even believe that the show’s creator is his father. This might have something to do with his appearance on the series, totaling just 29 episodes. However, we can thank his father for helping him to land several roles in some of the older Bellisario’s projects. With that in mind, that didn’t mean that he doesn’t have what it takes to become successful in the industry.

In reality, he’s a very capable actor with lots of potential on his shoulder. When the show ended, Bellisario also got cast in the spin-off series NCIS as lab assistant Charles ‘Chip’ Sterling. Before JAG, he also appeared in four episodes of the TV show Quantum Leap. He’s not the only actor in the family though; his stepsister Troian Avery takes credit for the role of Spencer in the drama series Pretty Little Liars.


The role of the headstrong Rear Admiral Stiles Morris was played by Atlanta-born TV and movie actor Harrison Page. For those who don’t know, the character that he played in the series is considered the highest-ranking judge stationed at the JAG HQ. He appeared in the show for a total of 22 episodes and was never seen again after he played his part in the 6th episode of season 9. He also appeared in the TV miniseries Players at the Poker Palace as Boomer.

Besides these shows, Page worked on other TV series like Grey’s Anatomy, where he took the role of an Alzheimer’s disease patient, Daniel Cobb. The Georgia native has been married to Christina Giles, with whom he has one child. That’s just a couple of projects he had on his resume and even though he’s in his late 70s, he still has yet to announce his official retirement from the entertainment scene. That signifies that he still has plenty of gas left in his tank.


California-born actress Jennifer Savidge portrayed the role of Commander Amy Helfman on the show. As a refresher, Jennifer is a member of the JAG corps and played as the fair-minded judge, who believed in hearing proper arguments from both sides before engaging for a verdict. The actress appeared on the show between the 6th season up until the 8th with a total of 21 episodes under her belt. She continued with her acting career after her stint on the series ended, portraying the character of Aubry’s mother, Ruth Taylor, in the ABC crime anthology series American Crime.

The St. Elsewhere star, born as Jennifer Alyson Savidge, has been married since 2001 to Robert Fuller, who has since retired from the world of acting and now gets by as a horse rancher. Let us hope they got a good home insurance plan for the ranch that they probably live on. Though she hasn’t announced it formally, it seems like she’s enjoying life away from the limelight.


Tracey Needham’s name may not ring a bell compared to other JAG stars, but she appeared early on the series. As a refresher, she played the role of Lieutenant Harmon Rabb’s second partner, Lieutenant Junior Grade Meghan “Meg” Austin. That’s pretty much the reason why not a lot of people remember her on the show. Don’t get us wrong, Tracey is a full-pledge professional when it comes to acting and her long list of projects in the industry speak for it.

When Needham’s run on the show ended, she moved on to other TV projects like the cop series Veronica Mars and The Division, where she took credit for the role of Inspector Candace DeLorenzo. She is currently the wife of fellow actor Tommy Hinkley, with whom she has a daughter. From the looks of things, she enjoys life away from the limelight, considering that she’s not seen in any Hollywood projects in the past decades.


Steadfast women’s rights supporter Congresswoman Roberta “Bobbi” Latham, who romantically got involved with Harm before falling for lawyer Navy Commander Sturgis Turner, was portrayed by actress Anne-Marie Johnson. She accomplished a historical feat back in 2005 when she was recognized as the first National VP of the Screen Actors Guild. She also appeared on other TV shows like NCIS, Boston Legal, Pretty Little Liars, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Johnson also made several appearances on the Disney Channel show That’s So Raven, where she stayed for a while as a recurring character. One of her latest works was on Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later and a main cast in the supernatural drama series The InBetween and How to Get Away with Murder. She’s already in her early 60s, but her looks are still comparable to a woman a couple of years younger than her. That would say a lot about how she takes care of her health and wellness.


LA-born native Cindy Ambuehl started her acting career when she was cast on JAG as Lieutenant Harmon Rabb’s girlfriend Renee Peterson, but the model-turned-actress has since grabbed whatever opportunity comes her way in Hollywood. She appeared in the show between the 5th and 8th season, which corresponded to 24 episodes with her name on the credit.

One of her more recent acting projects involves a three-episode appearance in the CBS daytime TV soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful in the role of Amy. She may not have the longest and grandest lists of Hollywood projects under her wing, but she certainly has a very solid financial record. In regards to her love life, she has since been wed to fellow actor Don Diamont, with whom she has twin boys. They spend a good amount of time doing things with their families like a relaxing session of horseback riding alongside their kids and husband.


Isabella Hofman joined the cast of JAG on the latter part of the series as Professor Meredith Cavanaugh, who seemed to have accomplished her fair share of degrees. She held her role in the show for 18 episodes and appeared between the 7th until the 9th seasons Like her fellow cast members on the show, Hoffman went on to appear on the spin-off series NCIS.

She took on the role of Lily Stein’s mother, Clarissa, during her three-episode run on The Flash while also making an appearance lasting two episodes in Legends of Tomorrow. As for her love life, Hofmann has been in a relationship since the ‘90s with actor, director, and producer Daniel Baldwin, with whom she has a child. However, unfortunate things happened in their relationship that resulted in a rift between the two. They eventually went their separate ways in 2005, but reports suggest that they are still on good terms.


Louisiana-born actor David Andrews was briefly a lawyer in practice before he decided to move to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting. He first gained public notoriety as part of the crew of the 1984 horror flick A Nightmare on Elm Street. Fast forward a few years later, he made another significant project after, landing the part of the tough, Major General Gordon “Biff” Creswell on JAG until his career flourished. He stayed with the show in a couple of episodes in its 10th season, with a total of 17 episodes.

Besides his appearance on JAG, Andrews made appearances in the TV series Crisis and Brothers & Sisters as Special Agent Hurst and as Ryan Lafferty’s step-father George. He also took on the role of the brash Secretary of Defense Frommer in the science fiction series The Whispers and as Hugh Murphy in the thriller show How to Get Away with Murder. He sure has a successful run in Hollywood thanks to his past projects.


Actress Hallee Hirsh’s character, Mattie Grace Johnson, Harm’s temporary foster daughter and the owner of a crop-dusting venture on the series. She was not exactly as memorable as the other characters on the show, but hardcore fans would surely recognize her effort. She only appeared in the series for 17 episodes during seasons 9 and 10. Hirsh may not have been a significant cast member on JAG.

However, you may know her better from her portrayal of medical student Rachel Greene, the daughter of Mark Greene, who is on a pursuit to claim her degree in medicine on the award-winning TV medical drama ER. These two roles alone served as Hirsh’s launchpad into a prolific career in the showbiz industry as a successful young actress. Overall, she has a pretty successful career in the business. For those who are waiting for her appearance on the Hollywood scene, she’ll be part of the movie Chasing the Rain, which is currently in the post-production stage.


Many members of the JAG cast credit the show for catapulting their careers in the showbiz industry into prolific success. We can say that most of the actors in the legendary TV series reached greater heights, but the same can’t be said for actor W.K. Stratton. He decided to wind down from acting after portraying the role of Rear Admiral Bravo’s assistant Commander Theodore “Teddy” Lindsey. During the course of the show, he only appeared in a total of 13 episodes in seasons 1 and 4.

He later joined the series again and was seen in the 6th to 8th seasons. Stratton settled down in Lake Arrowhead with artist Maureen Denise Lacoste, with whom he was married and had three children. He did not stop cold-turkey from the entertainment industry, unlike other stars that suddenly disappeared from the limelight. However, his only project after the show was his voice-acting work as Walla in the video game Transformers: The Game.


Zuhair Haddad may not be as familiar to the masses as other more famous celebrities will be to them, but fans of the show may better recall him for his portrayal of Anwar Sahaj or maybe even the prosecutor Marout Zabi. He only stayed within the show for a couple of episodes, so you have to have a very keen memory to spot him. After the series, Haddad appeared in films like The Pursuit of Happyness as a cab driver, and in The Hangover Part III as a sheik.

The Arab-American actor also lent his voice to over 500 animated shows like American Dad and video games like Assassin’s Creed. He also did the voice projects for Threat Levels, as well as Stan of Arabia: Part 2. In the year 1984, he got his Bachelor of the Arts degree in Theatre Arts from C.S.U.N, and from the looks of it, he really made full use of what he learned.


Rif Hutton was born in San Antonio, Texas, and later moved to Los Angeles City in the mid-‘70s to pursue an acting career. He tried many auditions in his early years but soon became broke and homeless. At the time, he only received assistance from his friends. Hutton portrayed the role of the smug Lieutenant Commander Alan Mattoni on the show. Once his run on JAG wrapped up, he continued to earn so many acting credits with his constant appearances in other TV series that it might be challenging to list them all.

Hutton made an appearance on the supernatural series Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a general, and the crime drama shows Criminal Minds as Warden Bryan Nabb. He also portrayed the role of a drug addict and murderer Mason “Runner” Tucker in the police procedural drama series Cold Case. He is perhaps known as Dr. Ron Welch in the comedy-drama series Doggie Howser, M.D. He is also notable in playing the role of a fictional owner of a KFC establishment, Russ Beeler.


John DeMita took on the role of Colonel Clifford Blakely on the show. When he was finished with his part on JAG, DeMita went on to loan his voice to pursue a career in voice acting instead. He provided the English voice work for the character of Hyuga clan patriarch Hiashi Hyuga in the Naruto TV and video game franchise, as well as for the role of mouthless Hunter Exam proctor Satotz in the anime Hunter x Hunter.

Demita is an assistant professor of theatre practice in acting at the USC School of Dramatic Arts. He is a graduate of Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in Theatre Studies and English. He directed English language dubs of films and TV shows for Netflix and also works with local and international voice actors. DeMita got married to voice actress Julia Fletcher, with whom he has two children.


After graduating with a degree in Valley Forge Military Academy and retiring from the Marine Corps, Matt Sigloch started in film and TV. Retired Marine Corps Master Sergeant Sigloch did not only work on the show as the actor that portrayed the role of Master Sergeant Tom Androvich; he voluntarily utilized his own military background as the show’s military-technical advisor.

Realizing the significance and potential benefits of his Valley Forge Military Academy honors degree and experiences for the showbiz industry, he uses his knowledge and skills and started his own venture, called Sigloch Military-Tactical, which provides TV and movie productions with military and tactical support. Besides running his own company, he appeared in other TV series like American Horror Story, Criminal Minds, Rosewood, and Scandal. In addition, Sigloch also played as a SWAT Team Member in the 11th episode of The Mentalist Season 1.


By the age of 12, Jade Carter sustained a major injury that he thought would change his life forever. Fortunately, he overcame the odds and learned many life lessons. At the time, he found his passion for acting and traveling. He even got his degree majoring in acting at Red Deer College. Later, Carter took on the role of Harmon’s Russian half-brother, Sergeant Sergei Zhukov, in the military show JAG.

Even after leaving the series, he continued to appear in front of the camera for many other TV displays as well as a few movies and shorts. He garnered more acting projects when he was cast in the science fiction series Solo: The Series, the criminal comedy show Castle, the JAG spin-off series NCIS, and the daytime show Passions. One of his more notable performances comes in his portrayal of lovestruck soldier Brent in the military romance film Love or War.


Once a poster child actor during the ‘40s, veteran performer Dean Stockwell was cast as second U.S. Secretary of the Navy Edward Sheffield in JAG. When his time on the show finished, he chose to concentrate on big-budget projects, like the films Entertainment and Deep in the Darkness, as well as other TV shows like Battlestar Galactica. With a career in the showbiz industry spanning over seven decades, he is one of the few performers still alive and actively performing since the Golden Age of Hollywood.

He already had his fair share of performing credits attributed to his name. His 2014 appearance on Bakula’s NCIS: New Orleans was one of his last TV appearances. Stockwell is now retired and probably enjoying the fruits of his labor in his free time. He is now 84 years old and maybe spending his time looking after the environment as a self-confessed environmentalist.


Brooklyn-born actor and producer John D’Aquino portrayed the role of ZNN war reporter Stuart Dunston on the show JAG, but just because his time on the series was over, does not mean his career was either. After JAG, he continued to perform in front of the camera for other shows like Dexter, Hannah Montana, and NCIS. He also helps as an on-set acting advisor for TV networks, like the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

If you recall the Disney Channel That’s So Raven spin-off series Cory in the House, D’Aquino made a cameo on the show as U.S. President Richard Martinez. One of his more recent acting credits comes from his performance on the zany TV series In Sanity, Florida, as Harris Smith. D’Aquino is not only a professional actor. He is also professional in real life after he graduated in 1980 with a degree in Theatre from Florida State University.


Michigan native Terrance O’Quinn, who is better known as Terry O’Quinn, is best known for his performance in the TV thriller series Lost as the formerly disabled “Man of Faith” John Locke. Before going into show business, he first attended Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, and the University of Iowa in Iowa City. During the ‘70s, he then started his acting career. He went to Baltimore to join the Center Stage production of Tartuffe, and he was able to land his first movie role in Heaven’s Gate.

In addition to acting, O’Quinn is also a playwright/director. The actor also appeared on the show JAG in the role of Rear Admiral Thomas “CAG” Boone. Besides these acting credits, O’Quinn portrayed the roles of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Nicholas Alexander on The West Wing, retired U.S. Navy Seal Joe White on the action-packed series Hawaii Five-0, and private intelligence contractor Howard Hargrave on The Blacklist: Redemption.


Kevin Fry started his acting career in 1994 as a cop in the TV show Melrose Place. After that, he has appeared on many TV shows/films. His career started to soar after he portrayed the role of Commander Morton on the show JAG. When he left the series, Fry appeared in three episodes of the political drama series Scandal as well as in the third and seventh seasons of the espionage show 24.

He would later change his name to Kevin Fry-Bowers, but he continued gaining more acting credits thanks to his portrayals of Bodyguard Many on the action movie Taken 3, True IRA member Neil on the FX original Sons of Anarchy, and a sensual Greek man on the historical film 300: Rise of an Empire. At his age, nothing can stop Fry from doing what he loves the most – acting. He has two acting projects coming, Beyond the Badge and The Comfort Zone, which release dates are yet to be announced.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan graduated from Lake Washington High School and attended Skagit Valley College to pursue a career in basketball. While in the university, he sustained a leg injury that hindered his ambition to become a professional player. He left school to pursue his other interests, such as painting and writing. While helping a friend who moved to Los Angeles from Seattle, he had a change of heart and decided to live there permanently to pursue acting. Seattle native Morgan portrayed a CIA technician’s small role on the show, but his projects after his run on JAG provided him with a solid flooring in the showbiz industry.

Morgan took on the role of vengeful demon-hunter John Winchester on the supernatural series Supernatural and the part of Katherine Heigl’s on-screen love interest and endearing heart patient Denny Duquette on the medical soap opera Grey’s Anatomy. He most recently played the role of Saviors group founder Negan on FX’s serial adaptation of the comics The Walking Dead.


At an early age, Diana Sparks was sent to a model school in San Francisco by her mother. She made her first appearance in front of the camera for a commercial for Coca Cola. To her credit, her appearance in the said ad launched her acting career, debuting in the short-lived TV series Fashion, Model and Intrigue in 1984. Orinda-born American film actress and model Sparks took on the role of aspiring lawyer Commander Carolyn Imes on the show before her eight-season run on the NBC daytime soap opera Passions as Faith Standish’s twin sister, Grace Bennett.

She also made a brief appearance on the drama film Atlas Shrugged II: The Strike as a reception guest. Sparks was not only all about the art of acting, though. She once served as the executive director of the nonprofit media organization Regenerate Films, but she has since stepped down and now works as one of its board members and as a producer.


Born to the world as Aviv Joshua Tenenbaum, LA-based actor and producer A.J. Tannen portrayed the role of JAG Officer Lieutenant Alfred Aldridge on the show before moving on to appear in other beloved TV series like the comedic drama Transparent and the comedy New Girl. He also took on the role of Franc Thomas Jr. in the horror film The Darkness, while his other notable acting projects were Silicon Valley, One Day at a Time and Transparent.

He also appeared as a Mossad Agent in the NCIS Season 3 premiere episode, Kill Ari Part 1 episode. Tannen’s career in the showbiz industry soared higher than student loans ever could after his eight-episode run on the series JAG, and today you can find him still working in Hollywood as both an actor and a producer. Though not everyone knows him, Tannen has made a mark in the industry.


Coffeyville-born actress and producer Cynthia Sikes portrayed the part of Admiral A.J. Chegwidden’s love interest, Dr. Sidney Walden, for only eight episodes. When her stint on the show was over, she was later cast as Sabrina Costelana Newman’s mother, Zara Costelana, in the long-running soap opera The Young and the Restless, where she appeared for only four episodes. In 1977, she took the stage at William’s Ball American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco.

She received a scholarship and made people appreciate her talents in many productions. These credits made her finally to a Broadway debut, and after that, she began receiving more offers for roles in popular televisions and films. Sikes’ more recent acting project is her performance on the serial cop drama Aquarius, where she played the role of Betty Goodale for only four episodes. Besides acting, she also worked on the 2017 film Blade Runner 2049 as a producer.


Bernsen received both a BA in Theater Arts in 1977 and MFA in Playwright in 1979 from the University of California, Los Angeles. He then appeared on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope, where he was cast as lawyer Arnold Becker in the television series L.A Law in 1986. His performance on the said TV series earned him Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and attracted appearances on TV and in magazines.  LA native Corbin Bernsen’s role on JAG was as the tough but fair judge Captain Owen Sebring.

He was later cast as the antagonist Harlan Dexter in the film Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and as an attorney and Carly Corinthos’ biological parent John Durant in the ABC soap opera General Hospital. Bernsen also took on the role of Father Todd Williams on the CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless as well as the part of retired police officer Henry Spencer on the comedic serial drama Psych. He now also works as a director, writer, and producer.


Born to the world as Christopher Lapinski, Chris Beetem’s career in the showbiz industry only continued to soar after his run on the show as the suave Lieutenant Gregory Vukovic was finished. He broadened his skills from acting but also to direct. He attended Philadelphia High School for Creative and Performing Arts. After earning his acting credit on JAG, you may have seen this Black Hawk Down star perform in the horror movie Emelie as the family patriarch Dan or on Amy Schumer’s sketch comedy series Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central.

When he is not acting in front of the camera, you can also find him writing or working in the director’s chair. After his exit in August of 2007, he appeared as Sam Morgan in two episodes of Cashmere Mafia. He also plays the role of Dr. Ethan Copeland on One Tree Hill and his most recent appearance in 2008 was as Michael for the television movie The Verdict.


The young A.J. Roberts was just too cute on the show, but actor and director Matthew Josten, the actor who portrayed the son of Harriet and Bud Roberts, had grown up a lot after his time on JAG. He pursued more projects that made his time in Hollywood prosperous, turning him into a key industry investment. As he enjoys his job and continues to try his best, many people gave him support, which helped him achieve some of his long-term career goals.

Josten is a credible actor and a producer who also loaned his voice to several projects like Chicken Little, where he voiced the tiny alien Kirby. The movie earned 314 million dollars. He appeared on the serial comedy Rodney as Rodney Hamilton’s son Bo. He also wrote, directed, produced, cinematographed, edited, and composed a short film, namely Shoes and The City of Angels.


After Susan Haskell graduated with a degree in Biopsychology from Tufts University in the United States, she decided to pursue a career in acting, where she enrolled in the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated in 1991. Her big break was playing a receptionist on Halle Berry’s comedy Strictly Business in 1991. Canadian actress Susan Haskell took on the role of Harm’s brief partner Lieutenant Commander Jordan Parker on the show, but since her character was killed off in its sixth season, she decided to take fewer projects unlike some of her co-stars.

She continues to act despite the decrease in inactivity. She made appearances on the thriller film The Good Shepherd as a dinner guest as well as on the daytime soap opera One Life to Live, where she portrayed the part of “poor, little, rich girl” Dr. Marty Saybrooke, to which she owes the credit for winning an Emmy Award.


Dayton-born actress Andrea Thompson, born Rebecca Andrea Thompson, portrayed the part of Harm’s original direct superior and later Admiral Chegwidden’s right-hand Captain Alison Krennik before being cast in the serial crime series 24 as National Health Services doctor and HAZMAT leader Dr. Nicole Duncan for only five episodes. When Thompson decided to move to New York City, she began modeling and studying acting at the Strasberg Studio and Herbert Berghof Studio under Uta Hagen.

She started as a voiceover artist, a career she pursued eventually. She joins JAG midseason as Commander Alison Krennick, an aide to the Judge Advocate General of the Navy and direct supervisor of Harmon Rabb. Thompson got her degree in acting from a program in New York City. She then continued as a performer and journalist on more TV shows like the science fiction mini-series Heroes: Destiny, where she played a woman with a face sterner than a lawyer in court for only four episodes.


Scott Paulin appeared on the show as USS Seahawk commanding officer Captain Johnson before continuing to work on other projects like the TV series Boston Legal, CSI, Lost, and NCIS. Paulin studied at Steubenville High school, where he studied theater and enjoyed directing a play and acting. He got his political science diploma in 1971 from Pomona College.

He got his big break in the year 1983 with a supporting role in the film The Right Stuff. Thanks to that film, he got to appear in over 100 other films and TV shows. Some of his most recent acting credits are on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless, where he appeared as Dr. Ed Botnik, and on the serial drama Castle, where he took on the role of Detective Kate Beckett’s father, Jim. Paulin had been wed since 1981 to fellow actress Wendy Phillips, with whom he has one child.


Japanese actress Tamlyn Tomita portrayed the part of SecNav Edward Sheffield’s eyes and ears, Lieutenant Commander Tracy Manetti. She grew up with her brothers, who are all attorneys before she joined the second season of serial crime show 24 as President David Palmer’s press secretary Jenny Dodge as well in the disaster movie The Day After Tomorrow as Janet Takada. She graduated from Granada Hills Charter High school and attended UCLA.

While at UCLA she took up History and planned to be a teacher someday. During her junior years in UCLA, she joined Nisei Week and was crowned as its 1984 queen. Former 1963 queen Helen Funai made a request that she must take an audition to be part of Karate Kid II. Like a couple of her co-stars on JAG, Tomita got to star in the soap opera General Hospital as Giselle. She also took on the role of the 900-year-old ‘kitsune’ Noshiko Yukimura on the supernatural series Teen Wolf.


Born in the town of Petrovka in what was once the Soviet Union as Aleksandr Konstantinovich Kuznetsov, actor and writer Alex Kuznetsov portrayed the part of the brash Captain Alexander Volkonov on the show. He then decided to earn more acting credits by working on additional TV show productions. He made several projects both on television and film. His net worth is more than enough for him to venture into various investments of his choosing.

The Bourne Supremacy star was cast in the fifth season of the serial crime 24 as Dawn Brigade terrorist and Vladimir Bierko’s sub-commander Ostroff, as well as in the action series Insomnia as Insomnia game participant Oleg. Kuznetsov also lent his voice to the war-themed shooter video game Call of Duty: Finest Hour. He doesn’t show any sign of retiring yet because practically acting is his passion and his energy flows when in front of the camera.


Born to production designer H.R. Poindexter and opera singer Sue Ann Poindexter, actor, casting director, and producer Larry Poindexter played as attorney Dalton Lowne on JAG. He then appeared on the soap opera General Hospital as psychiatrist Dr. Asher Thomas, which may be his most remarkable performance yet as an actor. He also took on the role of FBI agent Ray Collins on the short-lived superhero series Blade: The Series. Besides these shows, Poindexter also worked on other TV programs like the serial comedy The Hard Times of RJ Berger and the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

It is known that Poindexter is not only an actor but a singer of a certain caliber, too. He made several songs and he was the lead singer for the Alt-country band The Lonesome. They made their album which was released in the Winter of 2010. His net worth is estimated to reach $1.3 million. He should have spent his money wisely if he put in some investments for the future.


Massachusetts-born actor Peter Murnik took on the role of former DSD member Special Agent Clark Palmer before he moved on to being cast in the second and third seasons of the FX serial drama Justified as Kentucky State Trooper Tom Bergen. He also appeared on the drama show Granite Flats as Wallace Jenkins’ father, Hershel. He is known for his various roles in television. His $2 million would be enough for him to settle down and live a simple life.

However, if he decides to make more money, he would either not stop acting or he should make profitable investments. Either way, it is helpful for Murnik not to suffer bankruptcy later. A few of his more recent acting acclaims go to his performance in the horror series The Mist as Mike Copeland for only three episodes that included the pilot as well as in the Netflix crime show Mindhunter as Detective Carver for only two episodes.


Recording artist, actress, and producer Trisha Yearwood appeared on JAG as forensic pathologist Lieutenant Commander Teresa Coulter, who practiced her medical degree as a Memphis-based medical examiner. Soon after, she was cast in the TV movie The Passion, where she took on the part of Jesus’ mother, Mary. Lately, though, she had shifted her performing career over to becoming a recording artist instead. She did projects that made her happy and content such as making music and singing songs that captivated the listeners.

Yearwood not only acted with scripts; in fact, she got to produce six episodes of her reality cooking show Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, where she also served as its host. As a workaholic, as she is, she probably has invested much in a stable venture that could help her in the future. She doesn’t plan to retire yet. People are still yearning for her next album or her next movie and appearances on television.


Boston native Richard McGonagle takes credit for his portrayal of the role of JAG officer Captain Richard Carey on the show. His career in Hollywood didn’t end after his stint on JAG, but he switched over to the art of voice acting instead, lending his voice to the fearsome Supreme Commander General Grievous, the Nelvaanian locals Harvos and Orvos, and the Nautolan Jedi Master Kit Fisto in the animated Star Wars spin-off series Star Wars: Clone Wars.

McGonagle does not want to slow down—he will take any available projects there for him for as long as he is inclined to do so and it is his passion. His wealth could suffice for their need and wants that even putting in some amount for investment is not difficult for him. The actor and producer also provided voice work for other animated shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ben 10, and Regular Show.


Californian native Andrea Parker’s performance on the show as Harm’s first love interest, Commander Caitlin “Kate,” Pike proved her skills as a Hollywood-worthy actress, earning her more acting credits after her run on JAG. She developed prowess in her acting skills after this series which resulted in her accepting more projects. When she finished playing Kate on the series, Parker was cast on the comedic drama show Desperate Housewives as Tom Scavo’s girlfriend Jane Carlson as well as on the serial comedy Less Than Perfect as Claude’s fellow assistant Lydia Weston.

Her acting prowess even got her the part of Alison’s mother Jessica DiLaurentis and Jessica’s older twin Mary Drake on the teen thriller series Pretty Little Liars. With these appearances, Parker wouldn’t worry about personal loans. Her current wealth should suffice, but in case she needed to top it up, the talented actress can always take on more projects.


The character of terrorist Sadik Fahd on the show may not have been as memorable as the other main characters on this list since its star Bernard White only showed up on four episodes. However, everything changed when he made his most notable appearance in the comedic movie musical American Dreams as Agha Babur.

If neither of these roles rings a bell to you, maybe you can better recognize the Sri Lankan actor, writer, and director from his acting on the sci-fi action films The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions as the program Rama-Kandra. He appeared in several other films that increased his wealth to roughly about $1.1 million. With this wealth, he would have consulted a financial advisor to help him manage his wealth more efficiently. We are pretty sure that White knows that if puts his money elsewhere and earns more, the family would be happy.


Born with the name Glenn Grove Bennett, Glenn Morshower took on the role of Chief Petty Officer Ned Bannon on JAG before he moved on to his more recognizable performance on the crime series 24 as Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce. No one can say that he did not do well in his role. He sure is glad that he was part of this mind-blowing sitcom. Morshower then went on to act for the political drama The West Wing as military advisor Mike Chysler and for the sports drama series Friday Night Lights as Police Sergeant Chad Clarke.

His latest project is the comedic drama program I’m Dying Up Here as Warren Hobb and on the superhero show Supergirl as General Samuel Lane. Morshower’s appearances are mostly on television. For sure, he would have thought of retirement. He would also need to think of which insurance company to partner with for his health needs.


Landing the part of Navy Lieutenant Dalton Jonas served as Canadian actor Dylan Neal’s big break, launching his career in the showbiz industry into success. He is now a well-known actor with many acting acclaims under his belt—not to mention his net worth of $2 million. He probably employs the services of a financial advisor to take care of his wealth in order for it to be of good use.

He was later cast on the teen drama series Dawson’s Creek as Pacey Witter’s older brother Doug as well as on the supernatural teen program Sabrina, The Teenage Witch as Sabrina Spellman’s mortal ex-fiance Aaron Jacobs. Some of his more recent performances included his work on the Hallmark Channel serial romance Cedar Cove in the role of Jack Griffith. With his consistent appearances and projects, Neal wouldn’t fall into the quagmire of bankruptcy, but he could see his wealth increase further.


It seems hard to believe that it has been nearly two decades since we last saw Georgia-born actor Sam Hennings take credit for the role of Captain Huddleston on the show. It is known that his net worth is estimated to be $12 million. One could only presume that Hennings’ wealth has gone over the roof that he could afford to keep himself away from the spotlight.

Aside from JAG, Hennings was cast on other TV shows like Castle as Bailey’s boss Seth Harris, Eleventh Hour as Deputy Sheriff Bill Larrson, and ER as the U.S. financial attaché Steve Davison. The criminal comedy show Memphis Beat as veteran MPD detective Charlie “Whitehead” White. He seemed to work hard when he was still active, allowing him to accumulate a significant amount in the bank. He has agility as shown when acting in films and television as well as in stage productions.


At the height of JAG’s fame, fans everywhere fell for the lovable Josh Pendry, who was portrayed by actor and composer Will Rothhaar. When his time on the series ended, Rothhaar continued to show the showbiz industry the full extent of his acting skills. He invested so much in his acting and never showed signs of retiring. He is without a doubt the son of two wonderful persons who are playwrights, actors and directors as well.

He continued to gain more acting credits when he appeared on the comedic drama Jack Frost as Charlie’s friend Dennis. Rothaar was also cast on Castle as Jared Stone, on CSI as both Sean Becker and a rollercoaster operator, and on Memphis Beat as Dean. He also played Lee Harvey Oswald in the historical film Killing Kennedy. His enthusiasm and hard work paid off with his bank account showing a staggering $6 million net worth. He doesn’t need personal loans with this money in the bank.


Just because Shashawnee Hall takes credit for the roles of Morgan Watley, FBI Agent Marvin Novack, and Corporal Green on the show doesn’t mean his career in the showbiz industry is the same. He not only made projects for television, but he also has several films aired with some of them garnering nominations, if not awards. The actor and producer appeared several times throughout the whole run of crime series NCIS and he did well every time he was on the set.

He also made appearances on the serial drama Lie to Me as Larry Bernardo, on the police procedural The Closer as Dennis Kean, and the supernatural drama Medium as Principal Phillips. Hall even scored roles in the beloved comedy films Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty. Lately, he’s been doing well as a producer. Hall has proven that he is well-versed in the arena of acting. With his net worth, he also wouldn’t need to make personal loans if he needed something for himself.


London-born actress and producer Catherine Bell owes it to her good looks and skills for getting more projects after her stint on the show as Harm’s best friend and Marine lawyer Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie wrapped up. It is clear that Bell is not only a beautiful face but also someone with the brains. Her potential is always seen in her ability to act both on television and the films.

She can be seen portraying nursing degree-holder Denise Sherwood on the Lifetime TV series Army Wives and starring in the Hallmark Channel TV show The Good Witch as protagonist Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale. When she is not acting in front of the camera, Bell claims to be a practicing Scientology. She was formerly wed to writer and producer Adam Beason. With her money, she could afford the best luxuries, including the top of the line home security system, which is needed for privacy reasons.


Actor Ned Vaughn’s performance on the show as Lt. Carl Barrett may have been memorable, but his portrayal of former Air Force officer Mitch Anderson in the fourth season of the crime series 24 got him the fame that he deserved. His struggles in reaching his goal have paid off. He was born with parents who are high up on the social ladder, but he refused to ask for their assistance. Instead, he focused on self-improvement by first working as a doorman at New York’s Wellington hotel to make ends meet.

Vaughn’s work on 24 served as the solid flooring that launched his career towards success. He not only appeared on this show but also made appearances on other TV programs like the drama series Cane, where he was cast as Assistant District Attorney Michael Bronson, and the political drama show Commander in Chief as Reporter Charlie. We hope he has a financial advisor to help grow and manage his wealth.


Baltimore-born actor and producer Montel Williams only made a brief appearance on JAG as Navy SEAL instructor Lieutenant Curtis Rivers. His fans are probably wondering what other acting credits he gained after his three-episode run on the series. Williams did not rest after as he just loved being in front of the camera. It’s not surprising he lands more projects as he is a versatile artist and he is good in whatever role he may take on.

The Emmy Award-winner continued to take on small acting roles until he started his own talk show, The Montel Williams Show. It suits him perfectly since before the actor had his run on TV, he was a motivational speaker. His show has earned him several nominations and won him the 1996 Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host. With the awards came the money. He probably used part of his investment money somewhere so he can earn more from them.


Haitian actress Meta Golding was adored by many in her portrayal of junior JAG officer Lieutenant Tali Mayfield, so there was little doubt that she would have trouble finding projects after leaving the show. Finishing a project is not a death sentence, but a star for these celebrities. When they are good at what they do, and they know where to look, projects would undoubtedly keep coming.

Fortunately, Golding continued to land more acting projects such as on TV shows like Day Break, where she played Detective Brett Hopper’s sister Jennifer Mathis, and Dark Blue, where she portrayed the part of Melissa Curtis. Golding also took on more roles such as resistance cell member Noa on Colony, Counter-Terrorism Division Agent Jordan Todd on Criminal Minds, and Warrick Brown’s ex-wife Tina Brewster on CSI. We just hope that she can grow her hard-earned money, maybe make some investments in profitable ventures.


Actor and stuntman Patrick St. Esprit may not be remembered for his role on the show as Colonel Bootney, but he is better known for his other acting credits, though. You may be surprised by the successes of St. Esprit in the field of filmography and television sitcoms. You may have seen him in recent blockbuster films like The Hunger Games: Catching Fire and The Fate of the Furious, where he portrayed the roles of District 12’s Head Peacekeeper Romulus Thread and DS Allan respectively.

He also appeared on other TV programs, like Ballers as the Dallas Cowboys’ general manager, Narcos as Marine officer Colonel Lou Wysession, and Sons of Anarchy as a successful entrepreneur and ranch owner Elliott Oswald. He acted very well reaching his maximum degree of potential. If he continues to be active like this, he will reach the pinnacle of his success and his money in the bank will also increase alongside his success.


Actor John Prosky appeared on the show as Reverend John Haynes, Reynolds’ attorney, Stewart Grossman, and Jon Barrow. However, he only started gaining recognition when he appeared on four episodes of the HBO supernatural thriller series True Blood as Republican Congressman David Finch, who was firmly against the Vampire Rights Amendment and vampire equality. Obviously, he has several entertainment credits both on films and television. He also provided voice work to some video games.

Maybe he is thinking of voice work on films also. This could be a good use of his talents. You can also find Prosky on ten episodes of the supernatural drama Medium, portraying his part as the smug and brash cancer-stricken former district attorney Tom Van Dyke. He also appeared in four episodes of the political drama program Scandal as Senator Stanley Gibson. His appearances in several of these television sitcoms have somehow earned him roughly about $39 million. He probably hired a financial manager to oversee his finances.


Many actors on this list credit the show for serving as their jumping point to their respective careers in the showbiz industry, but Mark Costello, the actor behind Navy Commander On clay, already had an impressive resume to boast. His career continued to soar with performances on TV programs, like Criminal Minds, where he portrayed the burglar Gary, Everybody Hates Chris, where he was cast as Mr. Richards and The West Wing, where he appeared as a guest.

Other than that, he also appeared in few other television credits. This made his career soar high. He amassed a net worth enough for him to start a retirement fund. He should also start to scout for insurance companies for good offers on premiums for both life and health. Costello also appeared on six episodes of the soap opera General Hospital, where he took on the role of a juror. He has not shown any hints of retiring yet.


The character of Commander Sturgis Turner’s father, Captain Matthew Turner, may have left the show quite early, but Bill Cobbs, the actor who takes credit for portraying the role, continued to perform for other TV programs. He made some projects that helped him build a successful career. He managed to make several cameos on other TV shows, like the sitcom The Drew Carey Show, where he appeared as Tony the Bus Driver.

If you are a fan of the family movies Night at the Museum and Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, which both stars Ben Stiller, you may also find Cobbs in them in the role of comic-relief henchman Reginald. Furthermore, Cobbs has earnings in the bank that is proof of his efforts and agility on his job. He has probably put his investment money in a fund that would earn much to fund his retirement in the future.

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