Biggest Stars Of The 80s: Where Are They Today?

It’s time to go back to the ‘80s, an era filled with dance music and gigantic computers while funky pants and scrunchies were at the top of the fashion scene. This was an iconic decade when legendary films and historical television shows were born.

After many years have passed, it’s time to look back and catch up with our favorite stars from the 80s. We could go on for hours discussing what they are up to, but we saved your time and compiled them here for your convenience. Let’s get started!

Ali MacGraw – Animal Rights Advocate

Similar to other celebrities, Ali MacGraw started her professional career working on commercials and small-time modeling gigs. After working tirelessly, talent agents noticed her potential and signed her for a role as Jenny in the movie Love Story. She only appeared in three movies during the ‘70s, but all of her films achieved massive commercial success. These popular movies were Convoy, The Gateway, and Players.

She can be considered a retired actress since she hasn’t appeared in any films or series for years since she is busy working as an animal rights advocate. She also needed to hire lawyers for her divorce proceedings, once during the ‘60s and twice during the ‘70s. Clearly, despite everything that has been happened in her life, she always looks on the bright side. Instead, she focuses her time on providing awareness to animals’ rights initiatives and being their voice. Ali sure lived an exciting life, but we’re glad she’s found her purpose.