Unbelievably Luxurious Celebrity Homes That You Have To See

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like a celebrity? Well, we probably won’t be able to fully show you what it’s like, but we can at least show you the awesome mansions in which some of them live. And, we’re sure you won’t be surprised to know that, from the Hamptons in New York to the Hollywood Hills in California, these celebrities live like kings and queens in the best investment areas that the US—nay, the world—has to offer. So, without further ado, feast your eyes on these homes that will no doubt make you plebeians green with envy.


Pop icon Britney Spears, who, to her credit, was able to change the landscape of the music industry in the ‘90s because of her innumerable hits, reportedly lives in this mega-mansion in California. The mansion, of course, is stunning—can anyone really expect anything less from Britney Spears? No, of course not! The Neoclassical Italian mansion not only has a stunning view of the Santa Monica landscape but has its own tennis court and golf course, too!

When Britney featured her home during one interview, we couldn’t help but notice the ornate railing of her staircase, which must have taken a lot of people more than a few hours to complete. The mansion features vaulted ceilings, large rooms, oak library, chef’s kitchen with breakfast room and 4 family bedrooms with en suite bathrooms. Britney’s house appears to be an open layout on the ground floor, with a sofa and TV in the background, and a stone floor.