Celebrity kids Who Got There Genes From Their Parents or Grandparents

Chris Pine – Grandson Of Anne Gwynne

Chris Pine, the Star Trek heartthrob, is a 3rd generation denizen of Hollywood. Both his parents were also actors, while his maternal grandmother, Anne Gwynne, was a very popular pin-up girl during World War II. She was also an actress in the ‘40s and starred in a lot of horror movies. Anne and Chris Pine have the same hooded eyes and full lips. At the age of 84, Anne Gwynne died of a stroke in 2003.

Chris Pine currently enjoys the limelight without having to worry about home loans, since he earns a lot of money. Chris Pine spent a lot of time in the field of action. He succeeded William Shatner James T. Kirk three “Star Trek” movies. Pine played Steve Trevor in 2017’s “Wonder Woman” and will play a role in the upcoming “Wonder Woman 1984”. Pine also recently collaborated with director Patty Jenkins on the TNT miniseries “I Am Night”.