Take A Look At These Celebrities Some Decades Later

Prepare for jealousy: The hottest celebrities of all time are still as hot as the first time you see them in a magazine or on the screen. In fact, some of them will even get better with age. Not all of these incredible ancient celebrities are fitness enthusiasts and people who are prone to liver. In fact, some celebrities who have become hot as they get older are actually hard to get along with in the past, but only perform better than their heyday. These well-known seniors come from all walks of life: television, music, movies and comedy. There are some young stars that look exactly the opposite of their famous children’s stars, they are ugly, and some older stars are still heartbreaking.

Heather O’ Rourke

Heather O’ Rourke is a former child actress who first appeared on the television show Fantasy Island when she was just five years old. If you’ve watched Steven Spielberg’s horror movie Poltergeist, she portrayed Carol Anne Freeling. She also appeared in the next two sequels, but the third one was a posthumous release as she was diagnosed with Crohn’ s disease and giardiasis disease.

In 1988, she had a cardiac arrest and experienced septic shock which killed her. This young actress had a dream to win an Academy Award – it’s too bad we never got to see her on the Oscars stage. The late child actress racked up five nominations during the course of her career, which would have been more if not for her death. She was featured on various TV shows, most notably the American sitcom Happy Days, starting with season 10 of the program. She played the role of Heather Pfister.